80 Series MC

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Nov 18, 2005

Has anyone found a 80series MC at an autoparts store that included the fluid reservior? I tried Napa and Parts Plus and neither one of them included the reservior.


no....OEM Toyota seems to be the only solution to the "missing" reservoir issue

OK - so I preface this with as this is going to be a "rant". I manage a technical support/customer service function for a large company, and I really really despise crappy customer service.

So here is my story.

Monday – try to call Marlin – get busy signal. Call again – get message about high call volume with NO OPTION to go on hold. Call again – busy. Call again – finally get someone on the phone, but I can’t place an order as the “computers are down”. Was told that he would call back when the computers were back up. I specifically asked if they had the 80 series MC in stock, and he said “yes, no problem getting them to you before the weekend” – I live 200 miles from Marlin.

I do get a call back on Monday, but missed them and they left a message. I called them back – got the message again, but attempted to leave this person a VM and THEIR MAILBOX IS FULL. I figure – f-it, place an online order, after all they have them in stock. Order placed, confirmation email received.

I called them today to check on the order and guess what? Got a busy signal. Called later – got the message. Called again – busy signal. And then finally got through to someone on my last call. I ask for the tracking number and then the guys says – oh that order wasn’t shipped yet. I promptly say “what do you mean? I placed it online monday. I finally got through to someone on Monday who told me you had them in stock”. Now I get my favorite reply “I don’t place the web orders”. I just love that response. Anyway he then says – “Anyway, we don’t have them in stock”. Again, I express my lack of pleasure, and absolutely get the feeling he really didn’t give a s&%$t. Then to top it off, ending the call he says “you should get them on Tuesday, OK?”. My reply is “well that isn’t OK, but there isn’t much I can do”. To which I get a reply of “OK”.

Jebbus, how fricking hard is it to show some BASIC customer service skills, a simple “I am really sorry. Or we will ship it 2nd day for you if that would help” (I would have refused because my window is the weekend). Anything other than “OK” and a complete "I don’t really care attitude". So in short, unless I have no alternative, Marlin gets no more of my business. F-em. On the upside, I feel much better now.

I didn't even know that business still existed....u must have wanted to really drag this thread down....if anyone doesn't know what I am talkin about do a search for JT Outfitters...
Part# 47202-60130 from Toyota. 90-92 MC reservior $118.36 - w/TLCA ~$88+tax. Probably not the price range you were looking for, but if Marlins is at all close I would just get it from Toyota. I know you have customer service issues with SC Toyota as well, but..........

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