Wanted 80 series driver's seat front feet

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Sep 15, 2006
Vidor, TX
I'm in need of the driver's seat front feet. To get these off of the seat rails, the rivet and tack weld have to be drilled out. If anyone happens to have the feet already off or would be willing to pull them from a broken seat, send me a price. Thanks.
Did your's break or bend or are you making some sort of custom set up?
Not sure what happened to them. It looks like they were broken off to attempt to move the seat back or something and after realizing that wouldn't work, they welded one of them back on and just left the other off completely. Do you have a pair or just curious as to why I need them?
Sorry, I was just curious. I was going to go inspect mine if this was a common problem. Best of luck. Check out Oleg at IRBIS offroad in CO. I believe they are in the vendor section. They have a lot of cruiser's they part out.

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