76 FJ55 at Pick and Pull south of San Jose with 3FE

Jan 10, 2006
Kansas City, MO
I couldn't believe it but there it was, they just got it in a few days ago. Not sure how long they will have but it's at the Pick and Pull in Moss Landing which is about 45 minutes southwest of San Jose vicinity of Monterey.
1976 with I think a 3FE, but not positive since I'm still learning all the engines myself. Definately late model though, just not sure of year. Manual tranny. Rear driveshaft bent in half.
Truck was rolled and pretty rusty so body wise not much worthwhile. Best is the left rear door which has a fair amount of rust along with the tailgate. Someone tried to get the tailgate motor out of it but couldn't get it out. Front grille wasn't too bad either. Driver's side glass front and back are intact.
Engine looks complete minus the air intake along with all wiring. Looks like a pretty clean job.
Front disc brakes still there.
Rear bench seat in pretty good condition
Rear bumper in fair condition
Rear heater/ rear disc brakes, a/c, front seat, dash, steering wheel, all light lenses are gone.
Some good parts but not worth more than a couple hour drive other than for the engine
Jan 20, 2003
Wherever the truck stops!!
I'm going to see if I can see this as I pass by today.

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