72 FJ40 parts wiper assy speed cluster others

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Apr 20, 2003
NE PA coal region
Have a bunch of parts removed from a running 72 FJ40, Complete wipe assy includes motor and wiring, niuts and moutning hardware. These are getting hard to find $60. Speedo cluster all gauges and speed worked 83K miles $55, heater swtches (2), wiper switch, hazard switch $10 each. Inside rear view mirror with moutnign bracket and screws $15, glove box door $15, steering wheel center button $10. Buyer pays shipping. Shmukster
Wiper assembly

Any chance of a picture of the wiper assembly. I would like to buy it but just wanted to make sure it is the same as mine. Do accept PayPal?

Do you have a steering wheel that isn't cracked ?
Pics of the steering wheel button and cluster? I'm interested.
Does the glove box door have the 4wd diagram? I'm looking for a blank. Might be interested in the hazard and wiper switches as well. I need to check mine tonight to make sure its not just a blown fuse.
Do you still have the speedo assembly available?
I'd like to buy it if you do....
I have a 78 BJ40 that it should work on, and my state won't certify it street legal without a MPH speedometer.
Thanks in advance

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