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Apr 30, 2015
I pulled the rear mounted tank from my rig that has been sitting for many years. The tank is obviously repurposed from another vehicle but nicely installed except for the filler hose which was kinked probably beyond use. There is still fuel in the tank that smells like varnish. What are the pros and cons of trying to reuse the existing tank vs. purchasing an auxiliary FJ40 tank? What have others done? The local radiator shop wants $150 minimum to clean it for me.

The jack handle brackets that reside on the inside of the left rear wheel well are broken. After a quick internet search it looks like replacement brakets are not available. What have others done to stow their jack handles?

The tub of my rig is in good shape except the rear sill. I hadn't plan to do a frame off restoration but after removing the fenders and transmission cover for the engine/transmission install, the disk brake conversion on both axles, removal of both fuel tanks, prep work to install a new rear sill and the hardware required to do a frame on body repaint there is not too much left to remove the tub from the frame. Should I remove the frame and if so do I need to add temporary support to the tub before I remove it? I don't currently have any hoisting equipment. Will a cherry picker work to lift off the tub?


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