craigslist 71 FJ40, Missoula

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United States
Not mine, but I'm willing to try and look if someone is interested.

Looks like an FJ43 by the length behind the rear wheels.
Not many pictures to see. none of the engine, undercarriage or any inside cargo pics. Minimal pics, hmm

At least it's a fair price.
It is mine. I updated the pictures. It will run if you pour gas down the carb. The carb needs cleaning and the Master Break Cylinder needs rebuild or replaced. There is no breaks. Any other questions feel free.

I bought it from a guy who's dad bought it brand new in Costa Rica. I have the original purchase paperwork.

I corrected the year. it is a 1973. I fat fingered it.
Costa Rica FJ40's had manual drum brakes on '73 models? Mine has a booster.

Where was this when I was looking? I would have hopped on it like flies on Elvis.

You know you want to! Do it, do it!
I'm wondering what shipping to PA would cost? What's diesel fuel per gallon in your neck of the woods? It's well over $3/gallon here.

$3.19 right now.

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