71 fj40 5 speed upgrade

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Jun 1, 2012
hey guys, first time on here. Im looking for any kind of advice on my 5 speed upgrade.

basic of it, currently got a 4 speed in my shorty, i pulled a 5 speed box and transfer out of an 88 hj75 to put in my vehicle. Now the issue is the old drum brake kit on the transfer of my 4 speed has got 4 bolts connecting it into the case, the part that has the cable going into it but the 5 speed has 6 bolts connecting it in. Does anyone know of any brake drum kit that has 4 bolts on the shaft side and 6 bolts on the case side? or is it a better option to put in axles with disc park brakes and lose the old drum brake? have got some of old and the upgrade.

any help/ advice apprecciated
Ebrake kits for the split case are long gone...

Perhaps you can find one used?


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