'71, '73, '78 FJ-40 Parts + tub/frame + engine

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Mar 23, 2006
Cranford NJ
United States
Hey guys. I'm parting with all my fj-40 stuff. If you're interested in anything, I'd be more than happy to provide pictures. Please make offers. I'm located in Cranford NJ, and may be willing to deliver for $ within 200 miles or so.

(3) Good condition hoods, some hinges included ($100)
(2) Sets of doors, one better than the other ($60/$50)
(1) front clip including grill and fender bibs ($50)
(1) Windshield (glass is cracked but frame just has surface rust) ($50)
(1) Original gas tank (passengers seat) with cover ($50)
(1) Transfercase skid plate ($50)
(1) center console ($20)
(1) Diamond plate dash replacement with storage ($300 new still in box)
(1) 4-speed trans, partially rebuilt to accept tailshaft for rock-box ($150)
(1) "4-speed" T-case ($150)
(1) advanced adapters rock box gear reduction unit, never used or installed, $1000 new
(1) Frame, spring hangers removed for 4-link set-up ($150)
(1) set of stock front/rear axles ($200)
(1) Front axle modified with axle stiffener and knuckle braces, chromoly shafts (not installed) and third member with new arb air locker (not installed) ($500)
(1) Rear axle modified with axle stiffener, welded rear, warn full floater kit with chromoly axle shafts
-Modified axles have been upgraded to disk brakes ($500)
(1) Electric fan ($300 new still in box)
(1) Tub & Frame with springs flipped to extend wheel base front and rear, front spring front hangers have been relocated, rear hangers have not been finished. Tub is in GOOD shape, just rear quarter panels and rockers need work. Floor was repaired (not very nicely) by the previous owner. Includes complete front clip. ($800)

(1) Chevy V-8 engine, ran VERY well before it was taken out of last fj, new plugs, wires, rotor, valve covers and pulleys, block painted chevy orange. I'm not sure exactly what's been done to this engine, but it has a lot of low end torque. The block number correlates to a chevy truck from the 70's but this engine has been converted to a 4 bolt main along with other work. ($1000)

Again, if you're interested in anything, please make an offer. If you want more information or pictures, please let me know. I'm very busy (hence getting rid of all my stuff) but will do my best to help however I can.


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I'm interested in the console.

PM me with pics
I will take a picture of the console tonight and send it to you asap. Thanks!
My parents buried some of the parts in their garage, I can't get to the console at the moment, I'll send you pictures as soon as I un-bury the console. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.
Parts wanted

Rear 1/2 door (RT Passengers)
shoulder belts
Can you pop off those rear reflectors? I'll take those, plus the steering box if you still have it. With shipping to 97304.
interested in parts

Hey Kate
i am interested in the following parts and I sent you a PM with my cell #
green rear barn doors
red hood
red windshield
green fenders

Please give me a call and if I can use the parts, I can pick them up.
I live in Philadelphia

Just an update:


Rear barn 1/2 doors

maroon ('73) grill and fender bibs

both sets of doors
The ones shown mounted on the rear bumper... (red and round)


Not a problem. I'll get a shipping price, I may not have time until friday unfortunately...but I will get back to you with that as soon as I can.
New pics on the photo bucket album - engine, trans, t-case, front axle housing, chromoly shafts, stock from shafts, diamond plate body covers, seats...
Also looking of a good set of front (orange) marker lights
Not a problem. I'll get a shipping price, I may not have time until friday unfortunately...but I will get back to you with that as soon as I can.

Sounds good, don't forget the steering box if you have it.
I need the two rear engine mounts that are riveted to the frame on a fj40.

Only the passenger's is rivited to the frame. On the driver's side the motor mount sits on the top of the frame. I have you covered on the mounts Tim.
Pre 74 flip up tail hatch

Pm'd you but looking for tailhatch.

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