70's for Sale in BC

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A left hand drive KZJ73 soft top from Europe. Neat! I wonder if there were left hand drive KZJ78's over there too?
Fiber-glass top, I belive.
Just a note that from our repair experience, the KZJs are not proving to be all that reliable - pump and head issues - but certainly not as bad as the 2LTEs.

This is from JDM vehicles, perhaps the Euro imports have been better maintained and are having less problems(?).

I think someone on here said it best awhile ago, " any toyota diesel under 3.4L, be weary of issues" When I dismantled my 2lte, It looked very "light duty" as far as the timing belt and pump components looked. just looked "little" overall Im a mechanical diesel guy(biased), and all those sensors dont really fit my idea of "heavy duty" either. I think the 1KZ is somewhat similar? My .02 I'll shut up now.
hummm, i wonder who would have said that Yotahed?
there is a KZJ78 siting here that is for sale, $9K.
all it needs is the smoke problem fixed
rebuilt pump
rebuilt injecotors
rebuilt ECU
all sensors tested

the body is very clean
the interior is very clean

come one, come all, put yours money down...

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