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Apr 13, 2020
Found a few more things out in the garage:

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NOS 17882-58080 intake hose (air cleaner to turbo) for 13B-T $90
"Landcruiser" fender logos, one NOS, one used. $20 new, $10 used
Door handles (interior or exterior), window crank, used. $5/ea
24V lighter SOLD
Interior light,used. SOLD
Interior (dash) vent, used. SOLD
2x 83246-90K02 oil pressure/voltage meters. In original boxes, but provenance and condition unknown. SOLD
L + R wiper arms, LHD 70-series. SOLD

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70-series (and maybe other models) dash switches. SOLD

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11115-58110 Head Gasket, NOS Toyota. Check the numbers--I know it's for a 3B or 13B-t (some sources say both). SOLD

Combined shipping available.

thanks for looking!
how much light swicht with the orange circle? thanks

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