For Sale 70 series doors

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Mar 24, 2010
United States
not mine but a friend has access to a boat load of 70 series doors which are take offs from mine trucks. They will fit bj70 for sure and hjz77 or 75?. The seller wants 800.00 a pair and will only sell them in pairs. I dont know if this a good price or not but to me seems fair. Pm me and I can forward info to seller if anyone is interested. I think he has about 50 pairs.
will fit:
BJ70 hard top
HZJ79 (which they are off of)
the bottom corner of the 77 series is different so won't fit
will not fit any model with fold down windscreen, top corner is round on the take off doors and the fold down windscreen models are sharp corner.

$400 each is a fair price.

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