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As much as I hate to do it, I am selling my 1967 FJ40. I've had this truck for five years and have enjoyed every minute of it. It's never let me down. Time to start thinking about getting my 15yo daughter a car. I have it on Atlanta CL for $11.5k. Posting here and there for now. Would sell to a mudder for $10k.

4th owner. Oxnard California car until 5 yrs ago when I got it. It has been garaged in GA since. I've put about 5k miles on it, mostly to and from modest expedition style camping trips. It is a perfect blend of true off-road capability, but with the look and drivability of a daily driver.
Virtually rust free frame and body. When I got the truck, there was a small rust hole under the tire carrier that I patched up but that was it.
The pictures shows the truck as a softtop. I have the near perfect hard top in storage and will put it back on the truck for shipping unless you are local and would like to keep it as is. I have a new gasket for the hardtop.
Lots of great mods designed to make this a great daily driver, but it's also an extremely capable off-road truck.
Here's what I know about the truck, and what I've done to it over the past couple of years.
Rebuilt engine top end - Stock "F" engine - This was done by the PO. It's never let me down and burns no oil. Very decent gas mileage. 15 - 16 or so. Very solid. Cruises at 65 easily, and will go faster... I don't.
Maintenance kept up to date religiously. All fluids changed within the last 500 miles. Not a single mechanical issue to worry about.
Gauges all work except speedo. Aftermarket Temp and Tach.
New ARB selectable lockers front and rear - (This is by far the best locker setup you can put in an off-road truck)
Warn 8274 winch (Best winch you can buy... they last forever)
Saginaw Power Steering
SM465 tranny - 4spd with "Granny" 1st gear for crawling. Shifter moved to the floor.
33x10.5 Goodyear MT's 85%
Electronic ignition
Front disc brakes -
Longfields in the front, fine spline axles in the back - (Longfields are virtually indestructable and lifetime warranty)
4" spring lift
Solid Rock Offroad sliders (replaced the stock steps but still have them)
New clutch plate
Best Top Soft top with half doors - hard top is still in great shape in storage and I have a new gasket if you want the top installed - Extra set of soft half doors
New Windshield Gasket
Bikini top - like new. Used twice
Rebuilt Rochester carb
Custom skidplate
I also have a pile of stuff that will be included. (tuneup kit, fuel pump, bumperettes, among other things)
You will not be disappointed in this truck.
email me and I'll provide a phone number to discuss and set up a time for you to see it.
Not interested in trades or lowball offers.




Any seats or bench in the rear? Also, think it could make a trip from GA to Richmond? Great looking rig, exactly what I am looking for. Any other info that you can think of? If you were keeping it, any repairs that need to happen in the near future? Heater still operational?
Right now there are no seats in back. I do have some very rough stock seats that I picked up to restore and install that will be included, but honestly, they need a lot of metal work. The cushions are in great shape.

I'd drive it to California if I had the time, really would. Might wait for some cooler weather, but wouldn't worry about the truck making it. I've done 3hr+ trips many times, wheeled for days, and come home.

There are no repairs that are needed at this point. I just had the motor mounts replaced, and new gauges installed in anticipation of putting it up for sale. That's all it needed.

Heater works very well...

Only thing that I need to sort out, and will, is the ebrake. I installed a rebuild kit, but still not working as I want. I'll have that sorted before the sale though, or adjust price to reflect it if the buyer doesn't care. It has to be something simple since all parts are brand new.
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Today is a little crazy, doing some house touch-up work. I will try to call sometime tomorrow. Also, have any pictures of the interior? Happy 4th!
Happy 4th!

Here are a few more pics.





Fancy cup holder included :grinpimp:

Here's a pic of the hard top that the PO sent when I bought the truck. Right now it's in storage and has been since I took it off 5 yrs ago. I do have a new gasket if it ever goes back on the truck... likely if the buyer isn't local. Cap does not have a headliner. Overall the top is in at least as good a shape as the rest of the truck.

I know Steen, know this truck, and have spotted him/wheeled with the truck. Steen is an upstanding guy and this truck is obscenely perfect. Hey Steen, wanna put that toward a 650i for the kid? I could use a 40!
Hey Dan! Thanks.

I'll put it toward the 650i as long as nothing comes after? :grinpimp:

Actually I prefer something MUCH slower for her.
Random question: you still have the CA plates? I Am a CA native.

I don't think I ever got them. I bet he took them off before he shipped the truck. They are keepers though.

Very nice cruiser, great price. Mike


I say keep the TLC in the family as her 1st car!!

Was a choice, but as much as I'd like to, I think I'd like a few airbags between my precious cargo and Atlanta traffic.
Don't really want to trade now, but just to open up the possibilities, if you have a completely stock early 2000's 4Runner, let's talk.
Thought I had it sold, but a wife jumped into the middle of the deal and didn't have the cruiser love thing working. :meh:

Had another looker that just couldn't get over what great shape my "jeep" was in. "That's just such a nice looking jeep!" CL brings em all!

Going on vacation next week off the grid so probably won't be able to reply to any interested parties until the following Sunday... might though. Even West Virginia has internet these days I think. If I don't get any movement by the end of July, I'll be putting the top back on and sending her to the bay. Not my first choice so now's your chance.
Bump it...

PM's responded to. Back in town and have a couple of local folks interested so I'm holding off on putting the hard top back on and sending to ebay. I really don't want to send this truck to that black hole.

I'll take $750 off and keep the hard top. Take another $500 off and I'll keep the winch. Get a great truck for $8,750.

Great truck that will make someone very happy, and if you don't like it in a few years, I'll probably be interested in buying it back.
I've seen this rig on craigslist like 3 weeks after i bought my fj40. right when i seen it I told my g/f this crap always happens to me! the only thing i have to trade is a 1995 240sx with a turbo skyline motor.. lol good luck with sale!

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