'64 T-Case Question?

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Nov 29, 2006
Iowa City, IA
This sounds like a repeat of any earlier thread but....I'm rebuilding a '64 FJ40, it has a small block 350 w/ TH350 tranny, what appears to be an Advanced Adapters plate mated to the stock 3 sp. t-case. The t-case sucks! Hard to get into gear, whines, grinds, etc. My question is; What is the best swap for this thing? Did the t-case change at all post '75? Any imput would be appreciated.
sounds like your existing t-case is fairly worn out and might have bad bearings/bushings and gears in there. i'd try to find a later case, especially since yours is an early "brittle case". try to find a 73 case. it'll be the stronger case with the lower gears in it.

the later 4spd cases have a different input gear spline count ( 16 tooth versus your 10 tooth unit) and will not be a direct bolt-on. you'd have to replace the spud shaft in the t-case. they are available seperately from AA. if you decide to go that route, pm me and i'll get you a good deal on the required part(s) from AA.


georg @ valley hybrids
Mine had similar symptoms. I had it rebuilt (with the NV4500 conversion) and the whine continues. Mine goes away above 62 mph or so, but you can't always drive that fast. Just something to think about when making these decisions.
were the bushings in the low and high speed output gears replaced?! they're often overlooked and usually worn out.

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