62 starts intermittently (aka gremlin #1)

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Jul 20, 2010
Hampton Roads, VA
Starting about 2 days ago, I noticed an intermittent starting issue. Once in a while, when I turned the key to engage the starter, all power to the truck would drop off. Fortunately, it would start right up on the 2nd attempt but the clock would be reset. I figured that I had to learn how to hold my breath just right while starting it and I was on my merry way.

No such luck today. Now, with the key in the "run" position, it won't crank and even touching the brakes, turning on the headlights, or turning on the windshield wipers causes all power in the truck to turn off. I can't get it to start at all.

I've had the truck for one week, so this is my first gremlin. Thoughts on the subject?

Thanks for your help!
Sounds like a ground issue check your battery terminals make sure there tight and check the ground wire make sure it has a good connection at the block.
It looks like it may have been the battery disconnect. It was a bit loose and the battery connector was getting hot when we were trying to start the truck.

Once tightened, the voltage meter in the truck showed 14 volts, and it started right up.

Fingers crossed that this was the indeed the problem!

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