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Feb 6, 2006
Hello all, Just took delivery of my "new" FJ62.:bounce: 88 model with 228K and in great shape. It is mostly original with the exception of 31x10.50 LTX with alum. wheels. I have documentation of nearly everything that was done to it over the years. Now I would like your input as to what I need to do as far as upgrades to suspension, etc. Thanks in advance.:)
Welcome aboard and congrats on the new ride. You won't be disappointed with it. And you found the right site for cruiser information.
There are a ton of threads on here about suspension upgrades (check out the FAQ sticky's, too) with most folks liking OME Dakkar line as well as a few other options from Man-A-Fre, Alcan, etc.
More than anything, make sure all of your fluids have been changed (or just change them on your own), make sure the knuckles are okay and don't need to be rebuilt (globs of oil/gunk around your inner front axle will be the giveaway) and drive it for a few weeks before you pour a ton of money into any upgrades. Get a sense of what you like/don't like and what you'll be using the car for. You can spend a lot of money quickly and you'll want to make sure that you do the important things first.
Search around this forum: you'll find a ton of great ideas on everything from seat upgrades, to how to's on engine repair, to suspension rants.

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