55 rear sping shackle hangers...

Jun 19, 2005
Tacoma, WA
i pulled the rear shackle hangers and flipped them around, what a PITA... I need to invest ina torch... anyway, I used the two rivet holes and ran two 3/8 bolt thru where the rivets were to get an idea of my shackle angle. my question is, with out the axle mounted with no weight on the springs, my shackle angle was 70* with the bottom of the shackle pointing to the front of the truck, or if you were looking at it from the side, ( / ) I've read about this and it seems most people just flip the shackle hanger and call it good. I also know it will move with weight on and the lower portion of the shackle will point to the rear of the truck ( \ ) with a totally verticle shackle being 90* or ( | )

other option is just to wait till its all together and adjust as necessary. any thoughts?

Oct 19, 2004

You've got the 55 springs on, right? My hangers are flipped and I am running a 5.25" shackle in the rear. I am looking at prob 60* angle right now with all the weight on the rig. It was closer to 45* with 4" shackles before. The longer the shackle, the steeper your angle will end up with.
Once you get weight on those springs, they are going to flatten out alot, and push the shackle rearward perfectly. If youre curious, you could probably put jackstands under the springs and set the weight down on them. I think we put blocks of 2x4 between the spring and the frame where the shackle will be, when we were figuring out mine.

Or even measure out the length of the spring (I forget what it is), and run a tape measure out to see where they will end up. Expect a slight amount of arch, but not too much. They will be near flat if they are like mine.

I can take pics of where my stuff is sitting if you like.

good luck man! Youre making awesome progress!


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