5- 35x12.5x16 Trxus MT's for sale

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Sep 27, 2005
Hood River, OR

4 are on black steelies with lots of tread left (will measure tomorrow and post pic's) and one by itself (no wheel). These are located in MD zip 20816, looking for $800 for all of 'em.
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I suppose, I just didn't want to have to waste another $80 having these dismounted and new ones mounted and balanced. If you want the 4 I'll let'em go for $550, $600 for all five.
As per requested, depth of tread = 11/32, not sure what these are new but there is a lot there. And some pic's:






The only one I don't have a picture of yet is the 5th one which has considerably less tread.
PM sent
What are the specs on the wheels? 16x8? Backspacing?
Do the tires have any cut, chucks, plugs or patches?
There is still the top layer of tread on the center lugs, that's at least 80%. They are 19/32 new, no way you are down to 11/32 if that top layer is still there as that is about 1/8" of tread.

Good luck, that's a great package with the rims :cool:

who revives a 3 month old for-sale thread without asking if the goods are still for sale?
You just got served!

the same guy who expects people to close out threads after the items have been sold.


well, you outta know better than to expect something as basic as that

Sorry but the wheels/tires sold locally a while ago, I figured this thread was dead b/c I hadn't heard anything in a while.
im lookin for some wheels like those... 16x10 you know where i can find them online?

you can check tires.com -- they tend to have a decent selection of rims. I have a set like the ones posted.

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