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Discussion in '40- & 55-Series Tech' started by CruisinTiger, Aug 16, 2005.

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    Oct 22, 2004
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    Ok I have a 1968 fj40 with a 32/36 weber carb. I had it running smooth and then went and bought a tacometer for it. Well when I put the tac on I was idling at about 1400 rpm. Well I tried to get it down to 800 but it would die under load. So I put it up to 1100. I can run 55 mph on a straight away but when I get to the slightest incline my speed declines. Also as soon as I put it in 1st gear I gotta play with the clutch and gas peddle to keep it from dying. I messed around with the fuel mixture screw and also moved the dizzy. All of this was on the road to tellico..so I didn't have my timing light with me. Well before I left the house I tried to do the timing but the light wasn't registering. Pulled the wire off and was getting spark. I just got done reading the weber sight on how to properly set the fuel mixture. But I have to do some things first like have the timing set properly. So my question's are. What is the proper stock placement for my dizzy? Also how do I test my coil to be sure I am getting enough spark, and the right amount of spark? Has anyone converted from the dizzy to the Electronic Ignition Conversion Kit that SOR sells? and does it work and will it help solve my problems? and make adjusting the carb easier? So the 3 basic components that are giving me trouble are the carb, distributor, and coil. Thanks Chuck
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    Dec 4, 2002
    Chuck, Get rid of the Weber and get an AISIN carb. I have read many places the 32/36 is not big enough. Blah blah blah, OEM is the best carb you can do.

    Also with the F, I THINK you can go the pertronics route to go all electrical. and get rid of the points. A coil is a coil is a coil. Pick one up at autodrone for 18 bucks or so.
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    Feb 1, 2002
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    Ran the pertronix and it worked very well. Bought a new HV coil with it.

    I guess you could hold on to the wire to test the coil :eek: . Or prolly take the plug out and ground it and see if it has a strong spark or weak one. Coils are cheap.

    Don't know about the standard place for the diz, just wherever it works best. I ran for a couple years just adjusting the timing and carb by ear to make it run good. Weber 38 though. Good luck.
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