40 owner, help in NC

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Apr 4, 2008
Fayetteville, NC
Hello all,

I have owned my 40 for 10 years but the last 8 of these years have seen my baby in storage. I have been overseas in the military and am finaly back on east coast USA in NC. When I purchased my land cruiser I did a few of my own upgrades and maintenance myself (rebuilt master cylinder, new roll bar, etc). With 8 years of very poor storage (old pole barn- rats were living in my glove box and using the seats for bedding) I know I have several things to do. So here are the questions>

1- Rebuild the original straight 6 engine (all original parts- measns more to some than others) or get new engine. If rebuild...does anyone know a good place around fayetteville, raleigh area that can do this.

2- Need a part for my Barnes winch....called barnes and they only make crane winches now. any ideas

3- With my limited experience in working on vehicles (also had a 72 bronco in Alaska) should I tackle a job like changing my hub seals.

4- Are there any local clubs in Fayeteville, raleigh area??

Thanks for any help in advance

What year FJ40 do you have? Do you have any pictures?

1. My opinion is to keep the F/2F. Rebuild?...Depends. It can be costly. If it needs a full rebuild,it may be more cost effective to purchase one in good shape from someone doing a V8 conversion. Sometimes folks here on Mud will almost give them away! :eek: Let us help you get it running/diagnose before you make a decision. :)

2. I'm not familiar with the Barnes, but someone here will help you with that.

3. We can help you with the hub seals, walk you through it, or lend a hand.

4. YES.:D
I will get some pics up as soon as I can. I have a '70 (Oct '69). I bought it in 96 in Raliegh. Good, not great shape for the body. I got back to NC in May and have been really itching to get her up and running but have been pretty busy. I may be getting ahead of myself on a rebuild. I know I will need to do the carburator. It was whistling back when I put it in storage. I'm only making the assumption on the engine. I also know the hub seals are needed. The tell tale signs are on the hubs. I feel pretty good about her in just the fact that my father-in-law was messing around last month and actually was able to start her. Again.....what I am calling storage has been border line abuse to a vehicle I love so much. It was not started or moved for the majority of time it was there. I should have bit the bullet and did the few things I needed done to her to go to germany. It would have great to have her there. The weather here has realy got me itching now. Again....if you have POC that I can contact and haul her in to get looked at, that would be much apreciated. Thanks for the input.

Again....if you have POC that I can contact and haul her in to get looked at, that would be much apreciated. Thanks for the input.

I would recommend letting "us" look at it. :) It can be difficult to find a good mechanic, let alone one that is familiar with your Cruiser. Plus they cost money, we work for free. Collectively,as a group, our Cruiser/mechanical knowledge is huge. Feel free to ask for specific help. This is what we do. :cool:

We have a Hamom meeting coming up on the 13th. [see thread in this forum] H.elp A. Member. O.ut M.echanically.

If you can make it to a meeting or join the club, perhaps we could hold a HAMOM at your location. [I'll let a more senior member speak on that ;)]

Can you trailer it? Where are you located, Fayetteville?
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It is still in Greensboro (father in laws). Have buddy w trailer that I can get it down here to Fayetteville or where ever.
I'm a VA boy originally. Alot of family in western NC. Went to school in NC. Family moved to TN about 5 or 6 years ago. Beautiful area.

Highlandcruzer: Born in Va, spent teenaged years in east TN, then to NC, now back in VA.

x2 on east TN. Beautiful
MD11Fr8Dog: Grew up in Va, went to school in SW Va., live in NC, work in TN - Memphis sucks!
I'm in the area but am no Land Cruiser expert. FAR FAR FAR from it. Just a shadetree Mechanic. But if you ever need a hand let me know. I live in Cameron/Sanford just north of Spring Lake about 10 miles.
Welcome Back!!!!! i know you got to be itchin to ride. Im in the gso area and am working w/ a friend on his 69(70) fj40 at the moment as well. Id love to see your ride and help in anyway possible. The cruiser contingent is growing stronger here.

i just asked about a rebuild for a 2F and was told 800-1000 for a simple rebuild (replacing gaskets, rings, and consumable parts) and more like 1500-1800 if you run into broken parts or want any porting, etc. And dissembling and assembling yourself would save around 300 bux. Going alone i still think youll spend in excess of 500 and ive seen running motors go for that or less.

You gotta love having a crane winch on your 4x4; id see if i couldnt fix it up one way or another.

"Rangers lead the way" ;)
Born and raised in Northern Canada. Joined the Army and am still here in Raeford.

Let me know if you need some help down here. Have been known to do a few things with a cruiser. IE, rebuild a 45 from the ground up.
I'm back


Hope you all are still checking this thread. I just got back from TN. Hope that the meeting and assist went well last weekend. I look forward to hearing from everybody and getting my rig up and running.

It's here!! Had a buddy help me get it to fayetteville from Greensboro this weekend. Looking to change out the Hub seals. Forgot haynes manual at inlaws and will get this wekend. I'll try to get some pics up. Man I forgot how pretty she was.

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