4 inch lift for sale in Flagstaff

Mar 9, 2004
Flagstaff, AZ
Disclaimer: This is not my lift and it has not been on my rig. I will promote this as I have been told and give you as much information as I have (which is VERY limited).

I am selling a 4" lift for a buddy who is on vacation. It includes shackles, u-bolts, 4 springs, 1 pair of shims, and think it may have a complete set of bushings as well. It is my understanding that it is a SOR lift (http://www.sor.com/sor/cat287.tam?xax=8913&page.ctx=cat287.tam). I don't know if this is the exact lift or not, but wanted to provide something as a frame of reference.

I do know it is pretty stiff.

I am posting here first to avoid having the hassle of shipping, so do not want to ship. I do come to Anthem about once every month or so on a weekend and will be happy to bring them that far.

He is looking to get $325 for it.

PM me and I'll get some pictures to you if interested.

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