3VZ 3.0 SWAP - P/U to 4Runner Wiring/ECM Question

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Feb 4, 2006
Ok I'm about to swap my 3.0 V6 from my 92 Extra Cab 4x4 5-speed (Wrecked) into my 95 3.0 V-6 4Runner 5-speed (blown head gasket). My truck ran great before the crash and I don't want to tackle the head gasket in the Runner and can't afford nor wait to do the 3.4 swap into the Runner right now. The easiest and fastest route to get back on the road is put the 3.0 from my truck into the 4Runner.

The question is:
Can I use the wiring harness from my truck in the 4Runner? The main differences in the two is that the truck is manual hubs and the Runner is auto lock. Looks like it has some kind of servo type deal on the front diff which isn't a problem because the truck harnes has a connection waiting for that. The other differences I see is that the truck has a speedometer, gas, temp. The Runner has speedometer, tach, oil presure, and temp. Will the ECM compensate for these differences? The ECM's have different numbers on them but same number of pins.

Any input will be appreciated.


Your just swapping the engine right?all this stuff that you are worried about seems unrelated to the swap,your still using the components from the 95 runner your just swapping the long block part.I really don't think there is that much difference between those years when it come to the 3,0l.:D

Well this issue is this. I started prepping to remove the 3.0 from the 4Runer first and have kept the wiring harness in tact and I am intending to keep in the vehicle to hook up to the new engine. I had to remove the plenum from the intake to get the fule injector connectors loose (PITA) and broke several connectors. I was hoping to remove the engine and harness and all from the truck and bring it alone to the runner and just hook to the ECM to avoid having to remove the plenum from the good motor. Get the idea? I'm starting to figure I would be best served to just order me some new connectors and use the 4Runner harness to the truck engine even if it means pulling the plenum.

Well I have debated it in both directions to be honest. A swap is a PITA but the head gaskets look to be a REAL bitch. If I didn't have the good 3.0 just sitting in my wrecked truck I'd probably tackle them. I have went back and forth on this several times and there are pros and cons in both directions.
I actually did something very similar about a year ago. I pulled one from a wrecked 93 4wd 5spd and put it in a 90 2wd 5spd. I had to swap oil pan, oil cooler, knock sensor, oil pressure sending unit...., you get the idea but from a 4wd 5 spd to a 4wd 5 spd you should fine.

Get the new injector plugs and re-pin those. The only other plugs you might check are the knock sensor (will be sticking up on the right side between the head and lower intake between number 4 and 6 cyl) and the oil pressure sending plug. I am not sure but you might check the oiling systems, some came with a extra cooler thing on the block. I would suggest doing the timing belt and water pump while it is out since those things are way easier to work on with the motor out than in. I would also check front crank seal and rear main too.

Other than that I think you should be good. I am in the middle of putting one back together and if I think of anything else I will post it up.
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