3M "Body Shutz" Undercoat - anyone familiar with it?

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Dec 15, 2005
Reno, NV
I'm considering undercoat options for my 40 and ran across this stuff on the web:

3M? Body Schutz? Rubberized Coating Black, 08864, 1 Quart (US), 6 per case

Rubberized undercoating that comes in quart or spray can. The applicator gun for the quarts is about $75.00 and a quart is about $20. Found a couple of positive comments when I google'd it, but not much. I'm looking for a tough and substantial undercoating that will dampen alot of noise and this looks promising as it can be built up. I'd also consider using it in the engine bay.

Anyone have experience with this product?
I used it on my mustang. You will definitely need the gallon for sure. I blew thru a quart with out any problem. The gun is the same as Upor raptor except that it is standard thread not metric.

Ok, a gallon. So did you like it? Would you use it again? I'm wondering if there is an advantage to this stuff compared to bedliner type products like SEM, Herculiner, etc?
YES and yes. That's apples and oranges. They are similar but different...My auropaint shop told me to stick with the raptor as oppose to the SEM, herculiner and other spray in bedliner.

What is the difference between Raptor and other spray-in beliners?
3M is non hardening. Stays rubbery/tarlike, and will make a hell of a mess every time you rub up against it. All the bedliner products will get hard.
Ok, a gallon. So did you like it? Would you use it again? I'm wondering if there is an advantage to this stuff compared to bedliner type products like SEM, Herculiner, etc?

What did you end up using? There are so many products out there Im like you and would like to do it right the first time. TLC does there ICONS inside & under the pan with a bedliner material I wonder if do it yourselfers can get the same product. Its not Rhino but another well known brand.
I have used a couple of different ones. I used the rustoleum rattle can on my frame and didn't like it because it chipped pretty easy, so I sprayed it with the Upol Raptor liner and it is much better and you can get it off of ebay for $97 including the gun to spray it with. I used the rustoleum 2 part gallon kit to do the underside of the tub and firewall and also really like that its very tough. I used the whole gallon on the undercoating and used 3 of the 4 bottles of the raptor on my frame. Once all the welding is done and I am ready for final assembley I will buy 2 more bottles and shoot 3 more bottles on the frame.
The gun in the OP is $70? I got my Schutz gun for <$20 at my local Carquest. It works very well for thick undercoating or bedliner products I've used. And x2 about the 3M being non-hardening, meaning it will smear when touched in the summer heat, and gravel will play hell on it in short order.
The Schutz hardens just fine for me. I use it in all kinds of places. Fender Flares, the inside of my 40, Trunks, Wheel Wells, Etc. If you don't paint over it, it will fade to a grayish color in the sun and it stains w/ dirt. It will smear a bit until it is cured but it is rock hard once it does and even holds up to draging it across rocks with very little damage. It is thinner and has a finer grain than Herculiner (which I also spray w/ the Schutz gun) and doesn't create a 1/8" thick layer like Linex or Rino Liner will.

Either way I really like it but it isn't cheap.


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