3FE differences

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May 28, 2013
Ok. SO, the 3FE short block is still for sale, and I'm going to take a look at it this weekend. Sounds like a steal and I'm realllllly excited.

But I'm still trying to find info on if the 3FE was changed in any way throughout the years that may affect any of the mounting of accessories (water pump, AC, PS, etc) The head and all FI components will be swapped over from my 80, so I don't think there'd be any issues in that department, but maybe there is.

Anyone have experience with both the FJ62 and FJ80 3FEs that can lend some expertise?
Have you put this on rising sun? There are some pretty knowledgeable folks over there as well.
What's your time frame?
Going to take a look at it this weekend. Pics show its in good shape. Hoping for a good deal!

Everything thing that I've found suggests that I may just need the FJ62 flex plate and torque converter.

Also sent a PM to cdan to see if he had any insight.
No experience here. A couple links:



You might check the FSM for the 3FE and see if there are any different part numbers called out by year.

Those were some of the threads I was looking at. Assuming the motor is original to the vehicle, it's from a 1990, so the same flex plate should be used on it as the one on my 80.

Like I said, I'm really not too worried about the FI stuff, as it's all pretty much on the head and manifold that's gonna be swapped over. And that emissions stuff? Yea right. Got that sweet looking block off plate from Andrew to deal with that!
Anyone know what size/thread pitch the transmission to engine mounting bolts are?
Need to mount this new block on the stand so it's not sitting on the garage floor.
Found one that fits! Now to figures out the size and get some longer ones. (The bolts from the tie down points fit it.)

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