3FE Charcoal Canister and Alternator Replacement

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Jan 18, 2018
Inland Empire
Made a couple videos to help out fellow new 80s series owners specific to the 91-92 3FE.
I’m not new to working on cars, but I am definitely not as familiar or comfortable with my skills as much as many other members on this forum. I’ve learned so much from reading on this site, but I’m definitely more of a kinetic learner. Reading isn’t just enough for me, I need to see it being done to understand what’s going on.

So here are 2 videos for the charcoal replacement and alternator replacement to help the other rookies out.

91-92 FJ80 Alternator

91-92 FJ80 Charcoal Canister
Thank you for making these. Very helpful. Would you mind posting future 3FE videos like this to this thread?

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