3B oil pressure

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Apr 5, 2012
Milan IL USA
I'm just wondering what an acceptable oil pressure is for a 3B. My oil pressure gauge always reads somewhere in the bottom third of the scale, it obviously changes with revs but I've never seen it break the 1/3 line. Is this ok?

This is about average oil pressure for city driving.
I guess I was just wondering if it was something to start worrying about in the first place. I don't know where they normally read.
Mine sits about half way or just above. The danger signals are when you have very high pressure when cold that drops away to nothing when you hit operating temperature.This can be a sign of worn bearings.

There are free manuals for the 3B engine if you search on google. When you find the specs,get an oil pressure gauge that plugs into the block and do the tests outlined in the manual.

If your gauge is constant and does the same thing you probably dont have too much too worry about
Thanks, thats just what I wanted to know. Its very consistent, hot or cold. I can put my mind to rest about that one.
In my '84 3B the gauge would sit at over 1/4 when it was cold (at idle), when it was at regular operating temperature (at idle) it would sit around 1/8 and at higher RPM it would be around 1/4. Totally useless for measuring anything.
I got an ISSPRO (or however you spell that) and it made a large difference in readings, but once warmped up, at idle, I recall it sitting around 13-11 PSI.

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