3B idle point moving around...

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Sep 2, 2007
Longmont, CO
In the last few days I've developed a phenomenon whereby when I step off the gas and let the engine idle, the RPM will "ring down".

Initially it fluctuates up to 700 and then down 620 RPM on perhaps a 4 second period, with the magnitude of the fluctuation dying down after perhaps 20 second to a somewhat steady idle at 670 (where I set it long ago).

Anyone seen that before? Its a little annoying as I can hear the speed changing and I'm a fussy man.
Do you use one of the tiny tack?
Idle variations are often a diapragm issue.
Been having some not constant reading from my tiny tack lately. I will remove the clamp on the fuel lines and clean them and reinstall it. But if you an feel the engine...bad fuel / diaphragm
god damnit I only have 2000 miles on the thing!

will have a look...
Any play in your throttle shaft bushings? They can be the source of an air leak that can confuse the vacuum signal to the diaphragm.

Yeah, check both hose that plug on each side of the throttle body.
If you do indeed have a problem with your camshaft bearings (as you suspect), that may cause the idling speed variations.

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