3B EDIC control arm keeps bouncing off (1 Viewer)

May 1, 2021
Ontario, Canada

I have a '79 HJ-45 Troopy from Australia that at some point in its life had the 2H 6 cylinder engine removed and a 3B swapped in.

My issue, is that the EDIC control arm on that 3B has a socket that fits unto a ball on the fuel shut-off. I can get the ball into the socket ... the problem is that soon after I start driving, the arm/socket bounces off. This isn't dramatically dangerous; it just means that I can't shut off the fuel from inside the cabin. I have to stop, lift the hood and shut it off manually. That works, but is far from ideal.

I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem and found a solution. I have searched but didn't find any existing threads.

I have tried a few things (like zip ties), but ran into two problems:
  • the ball and socket was used for a reason (there needs to be a bit of freedom of movement)
  • the clearance under the ball is VERY slight. A millimeter, or 2 at the most. This means there is very little space to pass anything under the ball in order to tie the arm/socket to the ball.
My current next thought is to try a thin rubber band ... but even if that worked, it is not something I'd like to rely upon.

My preference is to find a way to fix this, rather than buy either a replacement ball (or more likely, a replacement arm). So hence my posting here.

Any help/advice people can offer?


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