3b diesel oil filter housing orientation

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Apr 8, 2013
I have a 3b diesel in my bj70 which has the oil filter upside down so bottom of oil filter pointing upward towards the bonnet and it interferes with my turbo and alternator oil inlet hose.

To cure this i have a filter relocation kit but i realy dont trust the hose and i have had it and the AN fitting leak on occasion.

So i was wandering how i can flip it around or what i will need to do it. I have seen a B series engine with it facing down will the housing part change over?

Or does the oil cooler have to be replaced aswell?

Does anyone have part number of what will be needed.

40 series have the downwards pointing oil filter housings. I believe some (all?) Dynas do too. I got mine off a BJ40.
Yes the bj40/42 housing will swap over,I just turboed a bj70,route the oil return line beside the filter housing,and there are like 4 threaded holes on the side of the block you can use for the oil supply, I use the one closest to the firewall coming off the engine with a 90 deg and up to the turbo
So is it just the housing the unbolts of the cooler that needs to be changed or the cooler and housing together from a 40 series
It was about 4 yrs ago I swapped one, it was just the housing, 4 bolts to undo n swap over if I remember right
Thanks guys i have attached few pics below of one housing i found does this look like the correct one?

First pic is of my engine other two of a 3b of a bj40





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