3/8-10 Uwharrie Work Day and Hang at ONSC's M&G


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Sep 17, 2016
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Cross posted from ONSC's thread, this is the work day and joint activity weekend listed on our calendar. Many UC members have mentioned good intentions on getting out there to help support the trails, so this is a great opportunity. Should be a great time. Who's going?


ONSC's Meet and Greet is March 8-10 this year!! We are going to have a Uwharrie workday on Saturday the 9th. Per Kenny it's been so wet that they have not brought out any more lumber to cut and there is nothing pressing he wants done at the barn so he would prefer our individual efforts happen in the forest. We will also be announcing and introducing your 2019 BOD.

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Saturday nights main course is TBD but we need you guys to sign up for a pot-luck!!
No Drinks will be provided. Please be sure to being your own beverages.
Please post up if you can make it out as this helps us plan Sunday AM breakfast. Please also note if you are planning to pitch in on the trail workday. I'd love to start the new trail season off right with great attendance for the workday if at all possible.

----placeholder for pot-luck sign-ups----
I think I am going out on a limb and signing Shannon up for her meatballs. :)

Workday details from Terry:

For the March 9th work day would your club be up for installing guiderail fencing at Uwharrie Hunt Camp? We’re having issues with people driving their vehicles on the grassy knoll next to the campground sign on the Reservation Road side? We’re also going to replace the bollards that are along the Moccasin Creek Road side of the campground. It is a total of 300 feet of fencing. Let me know if you’re up for that. I have Brock Stovall lined up to work with you that day. I’ll be working with an Eagle Scout at Robbins Branch TH.

Thanks a lot. Bye - Terry

We will plan on meeting a the Hunt camp parking lot at 0900. Bring trash bags and work gloves. Most tools will be provided but is we have a couple cordless Impacts it would be a huge help.

Location of the barn:

The barn is near Troy and Albemarle just east of Lake Tillery
There is no physical address to give for GPS but the directions are very simple and we have yet to get someone lost :)

Google maps location:
Google Maps

Directions to the Monks barn are as follows.

Hwy 49:
From Hwy 49 turn south on Hwy 109
Keep going south past the outpost and Uwharrie Trailhead
Turn right onto river road.
Keep going south on river road for about 5 miles and there will be a ONSC sign with flags pointing towards the driveway to the barn.

Hwy 24/27
From Hwy 24/27 turn north on River Road
Continue for 1.8 miles untill you see the ONSC sign and flags pointing to the driveway of the barn.

Can't wait from some barn time and look forward to catching up with everyone.
Nov 28, 2006
For newer members especially this is a 'Don't Miss' event.
A chance to Meet and Greet lots of great land cruisers and pilots.
The Barn has become a home to me and I won't miss this if I can help it.
Uwharrie or URE is about a hundred miles east of Charlotte just beyond Albermarle and a little bit south of Troy.
Hope to see a lot of you there.
Mar 8, 2017
I was hoping I could make it but I'm definitely out with no 4wd and a couples wedding shower this weekend for my wife's cousin.
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