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Hello everyone!!! The Meet and Greet is upon us!!

ONSC's Meet and Greet is March 9-11 this year!! We are going to have a Uwharrie workday on Saturday the 11th and get a barn workday in on Friday. I'm going to work with Kenny to see if we can get up their Thursday night to be ready to work all day Friday cutting wood.

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Food menu is a PIG!!! Sign up for a pot-luck!!

@David1947 - scratch mac and cheese
@jamesurq - spicy cheese dip
@erymer - devilled eggs or baked beans
@angerhater - chili
@jimsmith1370 - chopped salad
@tramadoc - potato salad
@alk747triodad - red slaw and a pound cake
@Green Hell Mustang - some sort of desert
@NC LX - some sort of desert

Post up if you can make it out!!

(tentative) Saturday Morning URE Workday - Meet @ 9:00am on Saturday @ Uwharrie Hunt Camp!!!

Annilie will meet <Eric J> and the rest of the ONSC members this Saturday, March 10th at 9 am at Uwharrie Hunt Camp. We’ll have you continue with the installation of the guardrail along Falls Dam Trail. Depending on how many folks you have there she might take a group to finish off the sections of guide rail fencing that needs to be done at the trailheads. Annilie & I walked the guardrail line along Falls Dam Trail so she knows the general route for it to take.

Also, depending on how many folks are there she might send some folks to check out down trees and large limbs & branches that might have fallen down on the trails in last week’s storms so if anyone has a chainsaw they could bring to collect firewood for your campfire that night please reach out to them and let them know it might be needed. We’ll make sure to have chaps, hard hat, hearing protection & eye protection for them. Make sure they are dressed properly & have the proper shoes on too. Also, Annilie & I will get the tools from the FOU barn together on Thursday so she’ll have everything ready to go. Thanks a lot for your help. We appreciate it.

The trail maintenance contract won’t start until the trails are open so any clearing you can do that would be great. I’ll talk to Annilie about the possibility of opening other gates for folks to check out the trees on the trails on Saturday.

Location of the barn:

The barn is near Troy and Albemarle just east of Lake Tillery
There is no physical address to give for GPS but the directions are very simple and we have yet to get someone lost :)

Google maps location:
Google Maps

Directions to the Monks barn are as follows.

Hwy 49:
From Hwy 49 turn south on Hwy 109
Keep going south past the outpost and Uwharrie Trailhead
Turn right onto river road.
Keep going south on river road for about 5 miles and there will be a ONSC sign with flags pointing towards the driveway to the barn.

Hwy 24/27
From Hwy 24/27 turn north on River Road
Continue for 1.8 miles untill you see the ONSC sign and flags pointing to the driveway of the barn.

Food menu is PIG for Saturday night w/ potluck!!

<placeholder for pot-luck sign-ups

No Drinks will be provided. The Barn has good well water.
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Keefer's are in, we just might be there later Saturday afternoon. Lily's first softball tournament is the same weekend in Benson.


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I want to say yes for Saturday Evening, 80.17% sure, depending on returning from travels, and now arrival of father in law who is coming for 10 days.
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Any idea how many people are going to help with the work day so I can provide a head count to the forerf service. I would like to make sure we have the appropriate resources available, for the work being done.
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I'm not sure how much help I'd be. I've had two back surgeries and a third upcoming. Can't really bend over or.lift anything over 10 pounds. It's why I'm out of the military and on medical disability. I'll do what I can after we get there. It's a four hour ride.

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