2m radio mounted overhead in FJ60

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Oct 18, 2002
Bigfork, MT
Mounted the radio above the rear view mirror. No problem with visibility of the road, mirror or radio. It pivots on a center bolt so it can be aimed at driver or passenger. A little velcro on one side of the mike cable and a cheap sunglass clip secure the mike cord while still allowing quick release.

I used the existing holes on the mirror mount to secure a stiff piece of metal for the bracket. I stuck a block and some foam (wrapped in duck tape) to force the angle down a bit giving me a straight on view of the screen - which helps with the LCD. I even used the visor screws to attached a couple cable stays. Didn't have to drill any holes or make any "permanent" changes. Not that I care. I did drill a hole in the roof for the antenna. ;)

I may clean it up a bit, but it's solid and working great so far.


Pismo-That is extremely nice and clean. I wonder if there are enough solid points to do something similar in the 80?
The 80 Series lack the headroom of the 60 Series. Plus they have the moonroof and controls, maplight, etc. But he solid points shouldn't be a probem.

I'm going to have to study that one, but it might be doable. Especially for a detatched face unit.

I can still call for help in the middle of a failed water crossing with water lapping at my chest.

Hey Jim, ya getting in shape for some scouting on foot and some cable dragging and some ?????


Who would you call? A Tugboat? LOL

That reminds me of my flop at Rubithon a couple years ago. About 10:30 PM, slow roll onto the side at the top of Walker Hill. I'm hanging upside down over my passenger who is lying on a rock which came through the open window. Looking at my fatass about to drop on him he's begging me not to release my seat belt. :D

So I key up the radio and ask if someone could roll me back over.;)
(radio content)

They did, I never released the seat belt until we were right side up.

We kept going until we finally broke something around mid-night so we could stop and camp. Good times.:cool:
mounting the radio overhead means it is out of view from thiefs and less of a distraction near the dash. Its a little odd that it sits there by its self but it works.
Nice. The radios in some of the firetrucks I drive have a moveable mount like that. Very handy.
After a couple months and a few road and trail trips I can say I really like the overhead location. Very easy to see when I want to look at it and very easy not to see when I don't.

It's also easy to see/use when standing outside.

I have noticed I automatically look up for the radio when I'm driving my other vehicles. :)
It was a piece of metal "strap" I picked up at the hardware store in the area with galvanized framing angles. I drilled three (IIRC) holes to fit the mirror mount. Sandwiched the metal between the mirror and mount using longer screws and it was/is solid. I added a little block of wood to bend the metal down about an inch. It's in tension flexing the the metal strap down for a better angle on the face of the radio.

It's been bounced all over the Rubicon and other trails and it holding up perfectly. Nice and tight, no movement.

A little "hook and loop" on the cord on one side and a sunglasses holder on the other keeps the cord from hanging down. The only down side is a sore arm when doing extended programing. But that doesn't happen often.

Good luck!

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