2L_TE alternator business end rebuilt with 1994 Celica Alternator - Urgently Needed Armature

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Mar 20, 2018
Billings Monana
Cruiserheads.. couple days ago I was hitting my head against the wall with my pooched 78 alternator.. when I installed a new battery backwards it fried all the alternator electrical bits.. thought some might find this helpful.. went to junkyard jims & found a wrecked 1994 celica.. discoed the alternator & wiring harness.. I will take some pics today to show the conversion from an external voltage regulator in my 2L_TE to an internal voltage regulator.. minor modding required..
I.m sure there are lots of vacuum pump/alternator versions out there - so this writeup is only for my 1990 LJ78 where I have removed the a/c compressor & hoses)
-disco the battery
-disco power steering pump - put the bolts back in the fender (as with all bolts removed)
-disco air cleaner to turbo
-cover turbo inlet with anything (i use a plastic shopping bag & wire)
-Slacken the alternator (upper 12mm & the horrible lower 14mm bolt
-rotate towards the fender & remove the rear oil return line & spring clip, slip a plastic cap (or whatever you have) to plug the rear oil nipple
-rotate towards the block and either re-tighten the upper bolt or use some scrap wire to hold it towards the engine, remove the banjo bolt for the oil feed, find a -bolt & gently plug the oil feed line - NOTE - each banjo bolt has two copper seals (washers) DO NOT LOOSE THEM (I did.. ugh)
-the plugs will keep all the oil from covering everything as all the oil inside the vacuum pump will leak everywhere anytime you rotate the pulley (trust me.. I ran out of pizza boxes trying to keep the oil from ruining my motel 6 room :)
-disco the vacuum lines
-slacken the oil supply line at the engine block & remove oil supply hose (plastic baggy time)
-reach around and with patience press the spring clip & remove the electrical plug
-disco the main electric feed to battery - 10mm socket
-spring the power steering hose at the pulley to allow removal of the horrible 14mm bolt (at least with mine I have to)
-now the fun starts, Remove your 70 series alternator (I'm an expert at this now on mine as I have done this 4 times already.. ugh)
-clean clean clean (both oem & celica alternators) (i used a bottle of sea foam & a front desk toothbrush) (i find the room service folks complain a lot less if you dont use their towels for rags, but toilet paper works (ha ha))
-stand up on the pulley & disco all the business end electrical bits
-do the same with your celica alternator (none of the major components are interchangeable without machine shop work - its a shame since the celica I got is a 100amp unit (if you want to machine shop it PM me & ill tell you what to do)
my oem alternator had a semi circle metal protection thingy where the brushes are mounted.. cut thus off flush with the base where the 3 end cover studs are mounted
-mount all the removed celica electrical bots ( brush lower & upper silicone gaskets (the bakelite insulator for the main power outlet will need to be filed down to properly enter the oem housing to the new celica cover..
-button your hybrid alternator together, test for continuity.. and reverse the removal procedure
-if your oem alternator had an internal voltage regulator you're good to go.. mine did not so I got to hack & sack the wire harness stripping the outer cover from the alternator plug to the voltage regulator ugh... & then mod the alternator plug wires to switched power, battery, and dash signal
p.s. I urgently need an armature to an oem lj78 with the internal splines for the vacuum pump... mine had 1 roached wire & I can't find anyone who has silver solder here (the regular solder melts (at least is has the last 3 times I mounted it.. triple ugh.. I'm caryring lots of cruiser parts I would trade.. PM me..

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