2H headers

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Jan 23, 2008
East York, Canada
I just had a thought..... :hmm:
Back in the days when I was tinkering with American muscle cars one of the easiest ways for boosting power was to install headers on the engine.
Now I have a 2H and have never heard of anyone with headers on their 2H. I've heard of guys having a 3B with headers. Is it just that they're not readily available?
I've seen someone on e-Bay selling headers for a 2H but that person is in Australia.
Is there anyone with a 2H running headers? If so did you notice any improvement in power and fuel economy? And where did you get the headers?
Or is it better off to just leave the engine the way it came from the factory, in terms of longevity?
There are a few extractors in Aussie World .. but as far as I read nobody report a huge performance upgrade with 'em ..

My personal recomendation .. keep the factory exhaust manifold ready to snap in a Turbo ..

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