2H Glowplug

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Jan 22, 2004
I am ready to fire the 2H. It is in my 12 volt fj40. I put in new 10.5 volt glow plugs. The glow plug has 2 wires ,abigfat black with a red stripe and a small bown with blue circles. I will run power from the battery to a ford starter solenoid and swich this on with a button on the dash. I presume the fat one would be for the power. What is the small brown with blue circles for? Also there are 2 black wires that come of the steel strip a little farther up. The look like they might be to a sensor or something. What are they for? I read about the Wilson system, it is different because it use some of the existing wireing which i do not have. Thanks
Hi,, can't tell you the meaning of the two wires.
But looking at my wiring diagram and also seeing the way my plugs are on my 3b.

I would think that the large wire is power. Ground is thru the body.

What are the glow plugs from?

6 glow plugs are gonna pull alot of amps. Make sure you have some serious heavy wire going to them.

Just use a push button to turn them on and off.

Those 10.5 v plugs are used on My BJ60 manual style too. I generally hold them on for no more than 20 seconds.

Once started I turn them back on for a few seconds to stabalize the idle

DO NOT USE A SWITCH for them that can stay on by itself. USE only a mometary switch that once you let go it turns off. Otherwise sure as sh-t you will forget them on and they may burn or melt into the head. or fall apart and drop in.

JUst My 2 cents.......
There are two different pre-heat systems that came on the 2H, depending on where the vehicle was headed. The system on my 2H is of the Australian 12V superglow type. It has 6V glow plugs that heat for a variable amount of time, depending on the temperature of the coolant. It runs through a series of sensors, relays, and a timer. From what I understand, all you should have to do on your retrofit, is run a fat wire from your ford solenoid, to the threaded post above the EDIC, between the resistors. Also, I'm not sure, but you may have to match your plugs to the resistor so that he plugs don't get overjuiced. A ground wire is not neccesary, as the current grounds through the glow plugs. The two black wires that come off of the curvy buss bar are for a glow plug current sensor and should not be necessary for your application. Beware, this is all off the top of my head at 11:30 PM, and may be totally wrong.


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