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Jun 5, 2005
I have a 79' fj40 that I just put a money in a rebuild about 1400 miles ago. Thing is, now I have an 85 short block and a 3fe, both in great shape, so now I am going to build a 2fe. Question is, what is my 2f with h42 worth. The motor has 1400 miles (all highway and in town, average speed 40 mph) and the transmission doesn't have any known problems. My question is what ist this 2f and tranny worth?
I am pretty sure, I know the quy that did it well,so I can ask him to be sure. The guy does excellent work, cost me $2500 for the rebuild. I would be surprised if it wasn't toyota
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If he's a reputable engine builder, it would be fair to ask for most of that price, maybe $1800-$2200, more if he'll offer some kind of warranty (10-20K, 1-2 yrs) to the next buyer. I wouldn't expect to move it real fast at that price though. Be ready to sit on it or take a loss.
So, I would need to sell it for about $1200 so that I could move it faster?
kchargis said:
So, I would need to sell it for about $1200 so that I could move it faster?

Depends on what kind of time frame you are hoping for. Personally I'd list it for top dollar for a month or two, and then start chipping away at it until I got an offer I liked. But I don't need to sell my motor to finish a swap next week or anything. I'd also hate to take a big loss on it if I thought it was a well built engine.

Do you need to swap out for that later short block to complete the set up you want, or is it a simple head swap? You'd be taking a smaller loss (probably) if you built the 3fe head and put it on the motor you've got in place, then put your 79 head on your 85 short block and sell that.
I have an 85 2f short block (good shape), a 90 3fe (complete, but would need a rebuild) and my 79 2f with a fresh rebuild (motor runs perfect). The problem is the flat top pistons. So, I will need to mount the 3fe head to the 85 2f short block and I am left with my rebuilt 2f:frown: . I wish I would have known when I rebuilt my motor that I would fall into this 3fe. I know that I will be taking a huge loss, but am basically wondering what I should price it at in hopes of moving it quickly, about a month or so would be great. I was wondering if 1200-1400 would be about right. Unless someone can tell me how to mount the 3fe to the 2f inexpensively (no new pistons, etc.)

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