Wanted 2F in good shape.

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Mar 13, 2019
Senoia ga
Bummed to find out that the 82 FJ40 I’ve poured my heart and soul (and cash) into needs a transplant.

Located in GA but will travel for the right deal. Anyone have a solid 2F that I can swap into this thing? Never even got to see it run....
Wow $8k for a rebuild? I had know idea it would cost that much. The free shipping would cover the cost of Prime! The video in the Ad is interesting to watch. I have an FJ40 specific wish list on Amazon, and you never know what you may need or want. When I saw this I couldn't resist adding it to the list. Good luck with your transplant.
Yeah, ACC here in GA does great work but he said AT LEAST 8-10g’s. I’m guessing it would be more on the 10 side....

Don’t want a show truck, just want to sling the kids around in the mud on a random weekend.
Whats wrong with your 2F?

I just put my 82 bottom end in the classifieds for sale ...

If your head is ok you could take 2 motors and make 1 good one for cheap
Still trying to sort it out. I’d like to call dibs on yours though..can you shoot me your number and I’ll call you in the morning?


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