2F header questions


Dec 22, 2002
Wandering the Wild West
I am looking for opinions on the best set of headers for my FJ60. What are
your opinions on the ceramic coated ones that are out there? I know they
supposedly cut down on heat--do they work? Where is the best place to get
the headers (best fit, least amount of leakage, heat, longevity, etc etc...)
All opinions are welcome.
Feb 18, 2002
I have been running the Downey header for about two years now and I am very happy with it. I ran it stock chrome for about a year and then I had it coated with HPC (High Performance Coatings). They are a local company and have a very good product. The coating has held up extremely well. I had my intake manifold coated inside and out as well as the header and I can tell a difference in cold/hot starts and general driveability. I chose the downey header for a couple of reasons, 1) the six into one headers build power at very high engine RPM's, I spend most of my time at relatively low RPM's and I didn't want to loose low end torque. &nbsp:Downey's header is one of the only tri-y or 3 into 2 into 1 headers I could find. 2) the price was very good. 3) It was made for the 2F in an FJ60 it wasn't one of the fits all 2F headers that don't fit 60's very well. I am in the Salt Lake area if you want to take a look at the fit and finish.

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