2F alternator help needed

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Jan 3, 2014
Johannesburg, South Africa
Dear mudders

Any help on this on this will be appreciated. When I stripped the FJ it didnt have a VR. Can anyone tell from this pic of the alternator if it is internally regulated? Secondly regarding the wiring. The wiring was as the second pic and that was it. Yet I notice quite a few points where things can be connected an labeled W and AUX. Do I need to use these?


That one is internally regulated, but it isn't stock or even Toyota. The wiring is a hack too, but you likely know that. If you could find the right plug and a wiring diagram, you could improve that considerably. Do you know what the alt was taken from?
It appears to be internally regulated. The large white wire with blue stripe is the B+ wire for the main chassis power feed to the battery and it is probably incorrectly hooked up. I'm guessing it should connect to a threaded lug that may be hiding under the rubber cap where there is a yellow plastic insulator disk.
Thanks. No I have no idea where this comes from. Came with the fj when I bought it so also not sure if it works well. I had a look there isnt any company name printed that I could see.
Did you check the link I posted and the other links that are posted there? It sure looks like the Prestolite illustrated in the PDF along with the wiring diagram.
Yes Steamer and Pin_head. Just downloaded them now. Thanks a lot! The wiring was completely wrong it seems. No wonder the PO kept the battery on charge. He said he thinks the battery was gone when I went and picked up the cruiser. But I drove it on the trailer and off and then started stripping it.
I see, so am I right in understanding that either of those two points can be used Pin_Head? It might be a better connection to use the larger + ring terminal on top?
I would definitely run the large single "+" lug to the battery. "D" terminal to switched ignition through a pilot light. (D is marked IND for indicator I assume.) "W" is ac output for a tachometer. It seems that should do it. Id have to research more to see what the two spade connectors marked "+" are used for. They're marked output so maybe just auxiliary but I just don't know.
Thanks Steamer. I am learning so much about wiring this beast up again! Looking forward to starting him up again!

Currently this is the cruisers state


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