24V relay question

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Jan 30, 2005
S. Surrey, BC
Hi Gang,

I just purchased a set of IPF combo (driving/fog) lamps for my HJ60.

As you guys know, the HJ60 runs on a 24V system except for the head lights and the radio.

I plan to replace the 12V H3 bulbs with Hella 24V bulbs (100W for driving, 70W for fogs).

Powering the lamps will be simple.

However, I am not sure if I wish to use the IPF on/off/combo switch or if I should just wire on/off through an unused dash switch and run switched relays through the 12V headlights and high beams.

Question: Can I (should I?) use the supplied IPF 12V relay (see picture) powered off the 12 volt headlight circuit to power the 24V lamps?

Happy trails!

Bruce in Tsawwassen
Ok so just for clarification:
You are replacing your 12V lights with 24V lights, and you are trying to find the best way to trigger them?
Now Iv never worked on the HJ60, but from my understanding this is the model has the dreaded 24V with “maybe” balanced 12V taps for the lights right?
Hi Walker,

Yes, you are right. I am actually adding the combo lights as 24V.

I wouldn't. I would treat it the 24v system the same as a 12v. In other words, I'd get a 24v relay and trigger it from either the acc or ign. I personally use the acc side of the equation. Even if I was wiring the lights hot (not using acc or ign) I would still use the 24v relay to trip it. The headlight circuit on an 24v truck is completed through the ground (or something like that) which sounds problematic to me. I know there is a write up about 24v headlight systems and it wasn't as straightforward as I thought.
I triggered my DRL relays off the ign. I still don't like it that way, as the lights come on when I am glowing. Apparently there is a way to do it using one wire from your alternator. Stone has a good write-up with diagrams in a thread here or in the JDM Alliance section. Perhaps BB knows where it is.

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