20R and 22R Oil Pump

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Mar 11, 2002
I'm replacing my front main and I noticed each of the oil pump gears have a small triangular mark on them. Do these marks mean anything? I can't line them up because they are both pointing to teeth. I suppose I should have paid closer attention when I pulled it out. :whoops:

Mark is at 3:00 position:

Mark is also at 3:00 position (hard to see):
Thanks. I was a little worried about correct wear on teeth. I guess it's trivial on an engine with 320,000 miles.
:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

I buttoned-up the engine last night and let it idle in the driveway for a LONG time this afternoon...probably 30 minutes. Everything was fine. I then drove it one mile to the gas station and filled up. One the trip back, the entire cab filled with smoke. I said "F- it" and drove it home instead of stopping. There is motor oil EVERYWHERE under the hood. So much, I can't see where it came from, but I imagine I screwed something up with the oil pump. The smoke was probably from the oil on the header (no smoke from the tailpipe). Any ideas?

:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
That sucks. Don't freak out though, fill it back up with oil and fire it up and see if you can tell where it's coming from, I left my oil cap off one time and it made an awful mess! Just remember to breath!!! :D It's probably something simple.... but now you just have a messy engine like me! Hehehe
I replaced the rubber ring around the oil pump, but I'm thinking that's what failed. I remember the bolts didn't torque properly (perhaps they are stripped). The oil on the dip stick is still above the "low" mark, but not by much. I guess I'll tear back into it this weekend.

The worst thing is the trail of oil all the way down the road, through my subdivision and up my driveway. :doh: Picture of the carnage (yeah, I know, it's not a truck...)


Ya, those marks don't mean anything. I asked the same thing a few years ago, even called the 22RE expert Tim @ DOA and he said they don't matter. They sure do make you sit back and say "hmmmm..."


I would get a can of Gunk engine degreaser and hose the engine down, clean it up the best you can, then start it up and look for the souce of the leak. I also did the "left the oil cap at the gas station" trick once in my old 2WD pickup, geez it made a huge mess.

Old school Celica's are cool...
the bolts are of different lengths did you get the back in the right locations ? Did you put sealant on the top bolt ? The bolts also have different torque specs.
I kept track of the different bolts, but I torqued them all to the same amount. I used sealant on all the bolts, because I didn't know which ones needed it. What are the different torque numbers?
Top bolt gets the sealant 18 ft.lbs. the two side bolts 14ft.lbs. the two bottom bolts 9ft.lbs.
I looks like the front main seal ripped off and that caused the oil spill. The rubber wear surface of the seal is broken off (and inside the oil pump :eek: ). I speedi-sleeved the pulley. I guess the sleeve caught the seal while I was installing it and broke it. This still doesn't explain why it idled fine for 20-30 minutes before puking out its oil.

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Low RPM equals lower oil pressure and oil flow. On the run to the gas station you RPMs were higher and so was the oil pressure and oil flow. Also, at higher RPMs it is easier for the oil to get worked passed the damaged seal. That is why some seals only leak while you are driving the vehicle down the road. Glad to hear that it was nothing very serious. BTW, I like that body style of Celica too.

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