2022 KOH, where is best place to camp with motorhome?

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Dec 4, 2011
Camino California
Where is a camping area away from the crazy’s at hammertown? I’ll be towing a sxs behind a motorhome. Thanx, Larry
Anywhere to the left after you cross the bridge. The farther you are from Hammertown and Boone rd. the quieter it is. The ground is pretty hard packed and lots of options for setting up camp. Just find a spot, throw up some caution tape if you want and have fun. This is my sixth year and I have camped close to Hammertown before. It is super noisy and dusty. I camp in the desert near the entrance so I can sleep at night 😎.

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Thanks, I assume there are many dirt rods going to the left and I just take one?
Actually you will see that it’s flat and wide open and you just drive out there until you find a spot that you like and park ,no real marked spaces.

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