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Apr 14, 2008
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Hello CVC!

Sorry for posting this thread so late in the week. The club is having their 2015 Vehicle Safety Inspection this Saturday and we'd like all members who plan to go wheel'n show up to get safety certified!

Location & Time
Location: Mooney Grove Park
Time: 9am
Park Entrance Fee: $6/truck
Address: 27000 S. Mooney Blvd, Visalia, CA, 93277
Google Map: https://goo.gl/maps/NDZPe
Park Website: http://www.visitvisalia.org/member/mooney-grove-park/515716/
(Park Hours: 8am - 7pm)

Location within the Park
First, take a look at the Park Map (click here).
As you can see there are 19 arbors where we can meet. The reservation deadline is today (Wed) at 5pm. There is a cost to reserve which ranges from $45 to $145 (one day/flat rate). I called the park yesterday and just over half of these are reserved. I got a list of the available arbors and called again today before typing this sentence and the list has not changed. Here are the current available arbors: 3 ($120), 5 ($45), 8 ($45), 10 ($70), 11 ($70), 15 ($70), 16 ($70), and 17 ($70). I asked if they expect all arbors to fill up in the remaining 4 hrs and they said it's very unlikely (but did mention that Sundays are far less busy -- note for future events).

Any unreserved arbors are a no-price, first-come-first-serve. I am the type of person who would choose to save $ and just show up. But looking at the selection, arbors 5 and 8 are only $45 and appear to have a lot of road parking as well as close proximity to restrooms. So if it's within the budget then let me know and I'll get one of these two reserved before 5pm.

I've never been to this park before and am basing my findings off of Google Satellite View. If anyone has any experience or tips to add for this decision then we are all ears!

BBQ Lunch
We are planning a BBQ Lunch. Each arbor has a BBQ pit. I asked if we may bring our own BBQ and she said that is perfectly fine. As I'm not that much of a carnivore, can someone help me in coordinating the BBQ please? I would greatly appreciate it! Otherwise I'll just bring a ton of AWESOME vegetables to BBQ and you guys can become healthy and good spirited with me :D

I have more to post but need to get this info up and also have another meeting I need to get to. So I will be back in a bit to post some more.



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Mar 30, 2007
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How late do you plan to stay there? I have my son's high school orientation in the morning, but may try to come by afterward.


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Apr 14, 2008
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How late do you plan to stay there? I have my son's high school orientation in the morning, but may try to come by afterward.

Hey Toyota Don!! Thanks for asking. I don't have an exact answer as it depends on how early people can show up. Inspecting each vehicle won't take too long.... I'm thinking we'd be done early to mid afternoon? 2? 3? until I'm sunburned?

I have funeral at 9:30 am, I will try to be there before noon.
Sorry to hear of another funeral, glad you're planning to make it. Cya this weekend

Ok got some more time to post up-

Results from yesterday...
I called the park back at 4:55p, 5 minutes until the reservation deadline of 5p, and arbors 5 and 8 were still available as were all the rest of the above list. So there were no changes and I just decided to not reserve anything. I'll plan to be there before 8a to get in early and grab a good spot (I'll be coming from Fresno). Looking at the park map, 5, 8, 10, 11 are all open and all near the park entrance. Because the road loops around eight and five, I'd assume they have the most amount of parking so I'll probably try Arbor 8 first. Once I get there I will post up via cell phone to let everyone know which Arbor to meet at!

Additional info, Expected Schedule...
I haven't been to a Safety in a while but you may expect the following:
As a rig shows up we'll send our team of highly trained monkeys to look inside and out, over and under, and generally make fun of your safety shortcomings. :D We will have a check-list and each rig needs to pass the full list in order to participate in club wheeling activities in 2015.

All joking aside, it is very important to have a safe rig, but please don't let that hold you back from coming. The purpose of this event is to ensure rigs are safe & reliable: #1 for your safety, #2 for the safety of others, and #3 so that your rig doesn't break down from an issue that could have been spotted via a safety inspection. If time allows then we will also go over safety equipment and how to use items such as tree savers, snatch blocks, mount points, et cetera.

If your rig is road going then please show up. Even if you know something is wrong or you are still building certain features, it's great to get together with other like minded individuals and bounce ideas back and forth. Maybe you'll see a great idea that can help you finish your rig, and likewise maybe others at the event will find a great idea from your work and apply that themselves. People helping people. It's what it's all about!

Looking forward to a nice Saturday hanging out with people just as goofy as myself!

Still need some help in coordinating the BBQ lunch.



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Apr 14, 2008
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Here is the generic list of Safety Items I passed out at the last club meeting. Jerome will be getting me a fancy check-list but so far I have not seen it. I will post it up if he gets it emailed to me soon.

Annual Vehicle Self-Inspection:

Battery securely mounted
Spare within 3" of main tires, ensure it's inflated
At least 2/32" of tread showing on tires & spare
Hi Lift Jack capable of lifting vehicle
Lug nut wrench, don't forget wheel locks
Front & rear tow points
Tow strap rated at twice the vehicle's weight (20-foot is a good length)
Tow strap hardware: Tree saver, clevis, snatch block
E-Brake capable of stalling engine in 2nd gear high range
Check head lights, brake lights, blinkers, reverse lights
If you have a roll bar, double check it's well mounted
Double check all seat belt mount points
Steering: Check play in wheel, tie rod ends, idler arms.
Fire Extinguisher
First Aid Kit
Working CB Radio
Double check hoses and lines (clutch, brakes, fuel)
Check for exhaust leaks, cracks in exhaust manifold
Windshield: No dangerous cracks
Wiper blades
Working Horn
Vehicle registration and insurance card updated

BONUS: Equipment for events:

Leather gloves
Oil spill recovery kit
Wag bag / Personal Toilet / Toilet paper
Spare parts: Fluids, Belts, Water, Extra spark plug wire that can reach all plugs, etc
Tire gauge, Patch kit, Ability to inflate tires
Tool kit
Rags, towel to drape over winch cable, hand cleaner, litter bags
Axe, Shovel
Flashlight with spare batteries
Spare vehicle key!
Extra warm clothes in case it suddenly becomes very cold or you are stranded
Apr 10, 2003
Thanks big mike for heading this up and Talon for getting there so early to get us a spot.
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Great Turnout!
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Jerome did an Awesome job with cooking for everybody.
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"Guess what this is from" was in full swing.
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Tech inspection was in full swing
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