For Sale 2006 Land Cruiser $12.8k/Not Mine

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Clean carfax. Something isn't right about this. I called and got a company voice mail message.
It does seem like something is off, either a type-o on price, or something more nefarious.

I just got a 2002 late last year, was just price checking in the area to see what was around and I'm not looking to change right now, but I'll be honest, it's tempting if that price is legit.
There has been a grey 2006 LC posted on Chicago Craigslist lately for $6500!!!

This seems like a similar deal. I should have saved the guy's emails...something to the nature of "I am in the Army and shipping out to Iraq and need to sell this truck"

Don't know how anyone on a military salary can take that big a hit on resale?????

I do enjoy biting on these, just in case though.

That has got to simply be a mistake on the price, maybe they meant $32,800?
these are scams. You can usually find the same car listed on craigs on the other side of the country. I tried to buy one that was a little older that has listed about 8K less than value. Don't even waste your time....
Here is the email response I got, with pictures! And the car was originally listed in Illinois.

Why has there got to be soooo many scams?? Let me just send you money no questions

Hi Peter,
Pics in the attach.
The truck is located in CT ready for shipping. I have no time to make this sale in person.
Since I have a written contract with eBay, they will handle this sale for me and they will act as a third party between us, they also helped me with the shipping contract.
If you are interested in buying my truck I will need your full name, address and phone number, after that eBay will contact you and explain you all the process.
They will explain how we can have a safe deal for both of us.
The shipping cost is $600 but I think is fair to pay it both, so the final price including shipping will be $13,100.

scam, they are gettign better at these ads, but if its too good to be true on a vehicle that new it almost always is.
I've investigated some of these -- tried to buy a honda pilot at a steal of a price. for some reason they all hover around 12k, regardless of the car. What happens is they have set up a mock website with eBay logos and colors, lots of disclaimers etc. They say that this eBay "secure payment" will act as an escrow while you wait for the car to be delivered. Well, by "escrow" they mean "my bank account" and the car never arrives. Thankfully I've never pursued one of these, but if you do a google search or go on a craigslist search tool you can usually find one or two of these from this week in any major city.
A neighbor got taken on one of these. They said the car would come UPS. :rolleyes:

Maybe I am just naive, I have a hard time understanding how you get taken on things like this. Seems somewhere in your daily life you meet a car guy???

Now I freely admit to chasing a few of these to see where they lead. I do know some car guys who have gotten great deals from the result of a death in the sellers family or divorce settlement.

Here in Chicago I peruse the ads on autotrader and craigslist daily and it seems that there are now 2-3/week!!! For some reason it is always with a Land Cruiser and never for an LX??? I do periodically look into other cars, not SUVS, and it's not as prolific with those?


Someone or maybe a bunch of different people are pulling scams advertising vehicles like Land Cruisers for stupidly low prices and insisting you pay VIA paypal for a sight unseen vehicle.

I recently contacted a lady "selling" a 2007 land cruiser for 12000 firm. If you look online that vehicle is worth 30-35000. She insisted in dealing only with paypal.

On there are about 6-8 similar Cruisers for sale. All scams.
YUP! Scam. Autotrader is FULL of them!
Any normal person wouldnt sell a car that is worth 15k more than they are asking. To all that think its real you are a pinhead. Be aware and like your momma always said if its to good to be true it probably is. That is all

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