Wanted 2005+ GX470 Mid-Atlantic/Southeast

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United States

A proud FJ62 owner here looking for a new DD and camping/overland project. Almost had to get rid of my 62 recently due to a career transition, but the stars lined up and I'm now looking for a GX or a 100-series Land Cruiser (or LX) to add to the stable. As noted, this will be a DD that I will slowly build into a non-DD weekend ride.

As for a GX, I would prefer something near the DC area but can work with anything down the I-95 corridor from here to Jacksonville. Less than 150K, timing belt/water pump done, dash replaced - all documented. I really want to hold out for a non-nav version, but I'm not going to go to the mat over nav for the right truck (I would prefer to put in a Carplay-compatible head unit but can work with the Vline).

Preferred color is Ash Blue Mica, followed by white, black, navy blue (forget the name), and silver.

Budget is whatever the right truck is worth; I'm enough of a student of the market to know a good deal from a bad one. Most trucks meeting my criteria will likely be in the $12-$15K range from a private seller.

Thanks in advance for any recommendations thrown my way; will pay a finder's fee in :beer: whenever you come through town (or I come through yours!). If you lurk in the 100-series classifieds, you'll see this exact same message...
Still interested in a GX? I'm a few days away from trading in an '05 Sport in silver. 146k miles, KDSS, recent dash replacement, new michelins (wife driven vehicle!). It does have Nav. Asking $11k.
Also have an 07 available - 8K in recent upgrades and maintenance. 121000 miles. In Harrisburg, PA. Looking for 14,800.
You still looking for a GX? Just put mine up for sale in the classifieds. 07 Non-Nav, Non-KDSS with 138,998 miles. One owner (me). Timing belt and water pump done. Dash replaced by Lexus Program. New brakes (pads and rotors). Ironman 4X4 Foam Cell lift. Clean Carfax. I have every receipt and record for purchases and services.

My truck is perfect for someone wanting to do an overland build. That was my plan but my needs have changed.

I'm near Atlanta, Ga. 20 minutes south of the airport.

If you are on Facebook, search for Blizzard Pearl GX470. I have a page for it with over 40 photos and info.

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