2004 LX470 Subwoofer speaker replacement question

Aug 27, 2018
I knew this has been asked and answered lots of times, but I only found myself got lost after going through all posts.

Apparently there are 2 options.
Option 1: Refoam. The kit costs around $16, plus the labor to trim, glue and settle.
Option 2: New speaker. For almost the same cost of the refoam kit, I can find a new aftermarket speaker to replace the old ML one. However, it seems all are using dual voice coil speaker. Not sure if LX470 is special but I believe it's single coil. Also multi-meter measured around 14 ohm between the 2 poles.

Not know too much about car audio, could anyone recommend what specs I should look for when hunting for the new speaker? Thanks!



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Apr 11, 2013
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Loudspeaker design is tricky, with each driver exhibiting different acoustic properties. Without essentially doing impedance and output sweeps, it's hard to really say what will sound similar to the OEM unit.

There are Thiele Small parameters ("t/s params") which will get you in the ballpark between woofers, especially regarding the enclosure size and so on, but since we don't know the published OEM values, it's hard to even go after that.

That leaves you with basically just going off anecdotes or just sort of swapping in "something" and seeing how it performs. Given how lame the stock sub is anyway, I don't think you have much to lose with trying an aftermarket jobber. DC resistance of 14 ohms probably means it's something closer to a 16 ohm impedance, but you would be safe to find a woofer that's 8ohm (or 4ohm DVC, wired in series) most likely, assuming you aren't blasting it. It'll just tire the amp out quicker.
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