For Sale 2004: Land Cruiser: SoCal: 99K Miles

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I loathe to sell my cherished Land Cruiser, but I can simply no longer justify owning a car I don't have time to use. It's been relegated to hauling kids, and that's no life for a SoCal Crusher. I've owned this car almost since new. It was purchased from a Toyota dealer with less than 2000 miles. The very first owner thought she ordered it in black, but the "Black Garnet Pearl" color is actually a very deep red. After just a few weeks, she returned it for a proper black Land Cruiser. Sticker was north of $60K.

This Land Cruiser has NEVER been off-road. I always wanted to dump the money into a new suspension, buy family finance trumps all and i simply maintained it in stock form. And maintained I did! It has had Mobil 1 Synthetic oil (engine/transfer case) since purchased. Changes religiously at 5K intervals. Brakes (pads/rotors) were replaced around 70K miles. I had my mechanic inspect the timing belt at 90K and there was virtually no signs or wear. If you absolutely insist that the timing belt be changed, I'd be willing to split the cost of this at my local Santa Monica dealership, but there really is no indication that this be a priority.

This truck has most every option available, short of a rear-seat DVD system. It has the integrated NAV that I updated to the most recent 2012 map set. It comes standard with integrated Bluetooth, cassette, CD/DVD changer and I installed a plug-and-play USA-SPEC iPhone adapter that integrates steering wheel control and DVD display of iPhone content. It retains the factory JBL sound system with a fully functional subwoofer in the back. Everything works perfectly.

The paint on this truck is FANTASTIC! It has a few very minor flaws common to any car with nearly 100K miles. There is a small, nearly invisible scuff on the front left corner of the bumper skin. There is a small dent (no scratch) on the rear passenger side C-pillar immediately behind the motorized hinge latch of the vent window, and a tiny door scuff (1/8") on the passenger rear door. All of these blemishes are well documented in the photos. Beyond these three items, the paint is deep, glossy, 100% factory original and BEAUTIFUL.

Rust. It's a SoCal car. There's no rust. The bottom-side looks as good as the top-side.

Leather is also in great condition. No tears of stains. The bolster on the driver seat is showing only the slightest hints of wear, but still a solid 90 out of a 100 condition. I make a conscious effort to NOT rotate across the lower bolster when I enter and exit the car. Interior of this car is outstanding. And though not shown in the pics, I have the third-row jump-seats at home in storage. They have never been used. They come with the truck. The child seats do not come with the truck.

Tires are in excellent condition as well with less than 10K miles since new. They are the factory tire.

I am asking $22K for this truck. If you're serious about finding a pristine 2004 Land Cruiser, this is probably the one you've been looking for. Call me. Let's talk. I'm a reasonable guy if you're a reasonable buyer. 'Nuf said.

Here's a link to the photos. Know that I pulled this into my garage, snapped some pics and that's what you see. I did not spend time prepping and polishing every issue to show you an unrealistic representation. What you see is what this truck looks like every day. I've cared for this truck with teh utmost diligence since 2004. It's time to find a new home.

2004 Toyota Land Cruiser (100 Series)

Jim Moore
310-597-6091 (call or text)
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I've owned this car almost since new. It was purchased from a Toyota dealer with less than 2000 miles. The very first owner thought she ordered it in black, but the "Black Garnet Pearl" color is actually a very deep red. After just a few weeks, she returned it for a proper black Land Cruiser. Sticker was north of $60K.
Beautiful truck. Exactly the color I am looking for, plus you are local. However, bit out of my budget.

However, above you say you owned the truck basically since new. But the following thread shows you bought your truck in 2013 (which makes sense given the license plate numbers I checked).

Can you explain?
Truck was purchased by my father back in 2004. I drove the truck much of that time. A few years back, I finally transferred title to make DMV issues much easier, and CA allows in-family title transfer tax free. You're welcome to do a VIN search to confirm this. I'd be happy to supply the number if needed.
The car was purchased from a dealership in Findley OH in 2004. Being a $60k+ vehicle, it was NOT used as a winter beater. While it was driven occasionally during winter for the first few years of life, it was always washed thoroughly when it was exposed to any salt. And when I say "immediately," I mean before it was pulled back into the garage. After a few years, I moved to CA and brought the cars with me. It was rust free when I moved to CA, and has remains so since.

I completely understand any concern over this and invite requests for pics of any specific areas. I'm traveling on business through Monday, but will put it up on a lift when I return and take pics of the underside.

Thanks for the questions!
To further clarify the pic of the underside in my previous posting from a few years back... While I drove the car often, I ultimately paid to have the truck shipped out to CA full time. I simply lacked the time to drive it myself on this particular trip. It was the first time I had seen the underside of the car up close, it was at night, and the the vehicle had just been driven on the top of a cross country exposed hauler, in winter. The entire vehicle was filthy. Once I get it off and cleaned, and in the light of day, the situation presented itself much differently. Again, I'll take some more recent photos to show this in more detail.

In the end, what I interpreted as rust was surface pitting on exposed bolts. I wouldn't classify this as rust, but I apologize if this differs from others interpretation.

Again, apologies for any confusion.

Thanks for the questions.
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Looks like a great, well cared for LC. It is still unclear though whether your LC spent 2004 - 2013 in Ohio and then the last year in CA? That's how it appears from your old posts indicating your "recent acquisition in 2013". I don't think it's a big deal if it did spend 9 years in Ohio, but if that is indeed the case, you may not want to advertise "Rust. It's a SoCal car. There is no rust."

Living in New England, rust is a way of life so again no biggie to me. But if I was thinking I'm willing to pay more for a SoCal LC with zero rust and then find out after the purchase that it was really an Ohio car, I would not be a happy camper. Just my 2 cents. Good luck w your sale!
Understand. Car spent first four years full time in Ohio, then came out to LA with me for a year, 2010. Then went back to OH where it didn't get much use. Once I had a garage to park it in here in CA, I brought it back out. That was early 2013. Don't mean to deceive anyone. Sorry if I did. It is super clean and I'd be happy to supply any specifics.

I brought it back out to CA full time after I sold my built Jeep XJ, with the intention of turning the LC into an Overland truck. After a 18 months however, I realized that wasn't going to happen. It just isn't getting enough use.
Whoever gets it will be a lucky new owner. I always tell people you're buying the prior owner as much as the car itself and I'd have no issues buying from you. Good luck, I'm sure it won't take long to sell.
Okay, so I posted a ton more photos of the underside of the rig. (Check out link to online album). I will admit that it had more crud underneath than I expected, but still super clean by any stretch. This is the first time I've ever put it up in a lift to really look closely. That said, The only rust seems to be on the exposed frame seams. ABSOLUTELY NO BODY RUST I could locate (and I looked pretty hard). It's got 99k miles, so it's not a garage queen. It's always been dealer serviced, and been a daily driver. I took all pics with the flash to try to show as much detail as possible. Let me know if you have any other questions.

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