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May 24, 2013
Broken Arrow, OK
United States
Hello everyone,



I have a 2003 GX 470 that has been totaled by the Insurance company. I am trying to see if anyone is looking for an off road-crawler as they are saying it has frame damage and that is why it was totaled. Only the front was impacted and as you can see below the rest of the body and interior are in good working order. The truck has 190k on the motor and transmission and I have had zero issues with the power train. Everything on this rig works as it should and has been an amazing vehicle. No airbags deployed and the interior is in great shape. I have the third-row seats as well. Also after the accident I drove the truck to the collision repair facility that was about 2 miles away and it started right up and had no issues getting there. Things that I have done to the truck are as follows:

Iron Man 3” progressive coil over lift in front

Iron Man 3” progressive spring perch lift in rear (air bag delete) No lights on the dash are one even after the accident.

New upper and lower control arms.

Tacoma rims and tires (5000K miles on tires)

All new coil packs for the engine

All new spark plugs

Other than these things done this rig has been amazing.

Grey Interior and all wood is still good, no air bags deployed no rips in seats.

I am trying to figure out if it is worth buying back and selling the whole rig as I do not have time to part it out. Let me repeat this will be a PURCHASE OF THE WHOLE RIG AND WILL NOT BE PARTED OUT.

If you are interested you can PM me or text me at 918-271-9030 please let me know what the offer is on the whole vehicle as this will help me determine if it is worth my time and money to purchase the truck back from the insurance company. LOCATION IS BROKEN ARROW, OK (SUBURB OF TULSA, OK)


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