1. J

    For Sale SoCal: 5 OEM GX470 Wheels with BFG KO2 265/70-17 E Load Tires- TPMS included

    Perfect bolt on upgrade. 5 OEM GX470 wheels include TMPS and 4 center caps. Minor knicks, but in good shape. BF Goodrich KO2 E Load 265/70-17. Tread is 13/32 or better on each, ~5,000 miles. Includes America's Tire Certificates. $1,000 for the set of 5 wheels/tires
  2. Trail Boss Tom

    For Sale 5 GX470 OEM Wheels great condition

    Hi all, this is a re-post of my 5 OEM wheels from my GX470, which includes my never used spare! I'm asking $50/Each Plus buyer pays shipping! On my 5th wheel or IE Spare I still do have the Oem tire with full tread on it Never used, I plan on dismounting it & shipping it along with the wheels...
  3. C4ubu13

    Tyres for bad roads (not off-road)

    Hi Everybody, I'm new to the forums but first want to say thank you for all of the great advice and commentary in the past year or so. These online forums have been incredibly helpful, especially for a non-"car person" like me. On to my questions.... Situation: I live in West Africa so got a...
  4. Trail Boss Tom

    For Sale GX470 3rd row seats great condition, Tan leather

    Hi, I have both third row seats out of my GX470 that I'm selling. The leather is Tan & in perfect condition! If interested I can take & post pics! I'm asking $125 for both seats, willing to negotiate! Buyer pays shipping & a $20 handling fee! Thank you Tom C
  5. Trail Boss Tom

    For Sale GX470 Side step runner boards for Sale?

    Hi all, I have both right & left side Oem runner boards off my GX470 they where removed by professionals & welcome lights work perfectly! Very good condition with normal wear & tear! $75 for both! If needed to be shipped Buyer covers shipping plus $20 for me packaging it all up! Thank you for...
  6. Docwyte

    4Runner TRD PRO Suspension installed, DIY

    So my wife and daughter were out of town for a dance competition and my son was off with a friend. Time to jump on installing the TRD Pro suspension in the Blue Whale. Handling has definitely degraded and in last weeks cold snap it felt like the shocks were frozen. Truck up in the air...
  7. NudeLobster

    For Sale Tucson, AZ: Dobinsons C59-675v medium duty progressive rate long travel rear springs for 4Runner/ GX470/ GX460

    For sale in Tucson, AZ are my Dobinsons medium duty progressive rate long travel rear springs. 1.75" lift. Less than a year old. You don't need long travel shocks to use these. They are buttery smooth for a daily driver. I only replaced them with HD varients due to increased weight load...
  8. 20190207_200935.jpg


    Front lower strut bushing.
  9. Pre_lift_ height.jpg

    Pre_lift_ height.jpg

    Pre lift height
  10. GXPro

    For Sale Dick Cepek DC Blackout 18x9 Wheels (New)

    Full set (includes 4 wheels) new in box. Purchased these new for my GX but decided to go with 17’s. Includes center caps and lugnuts. Asking $600 or best offer. Please check vehicle fitment before purchasing. Contact me with any questions. Shipping is available for an additional fee.
  11. H

    For Sale 2004 Lexus GX470 rear air springs. Idaho, USA

    Had these installed this summer. They worked fine, but I couldn't track down a sensor issue, so I now have coil springs and am selling these. $100 for both.
  12. A

    Dobinsons rear coils on GX470

    Just looking for measurements on the following Dobinsons coils for my GX. Dobinsons lift measurements are based on the Prado, which from what I find on the interweb seems to be anywhere from 200-500 pounds lighter than the gx470. C59-505 - 1.5” lift 405mm free height 220lb rate C59-599 - 1”...
  13. DJCloz

    For Sale 2005 GX470 LOW 73K MILES SO Cal

    Hey Guys. I bought this GX from my neighbor. We already have an 06. This has way lower miles, I planned to swap and sell hers, but my wife does not want to swap cars and says she fine with it. shes mad I bought it without consulting her, either way, so now I'm selling. It's 100 percent...
  14. CA2GA

    2005 White GX470 Mark Lev 157k

    We just got this 2 owner 2005 Lexus GX 470 in Blizzard Pearl with Dark Gray interior. It has Mark Levinson stereo, seating for 7 and adaptive variable suspension with adjustable rear height. With 157k on the closck and recent CV boots, this would make an excellent daily driver or the perfect...
  15. fourleggedfish

    Largest Odyssey Battery?

    Anyone know the biggest Odyssey battery that will fit the 470? I’m willing to put in an aftermarket battery box if needed. Odyssey site recommends the 27F, or 34R-PC1500T (with adapter), but I’m wondering if I can cram in something bigger, with a higher AH rating. Anybody running a bigger...
  16. PRADO3

    Prado 120s as work vehicles or as beaters?

    I'm interested in seeing photos of Prado 120s used for work or out in harsh conditions. I found some great pics of some UN Prado 120s. Anyone out there use their Prado 120 for work or as a beater? Feel free to post pics from Prado 120s you've seen being used for work (UN, Taxi, tour company...
  17. fstbll42

    2003 Salvaged GX 470 with Salvaged TITLE

    Hello everyone, ***********************SOLD***************************** PURCHASE PRICE $5000.00 I have a 2003 GX 470 that has been totaled by the Insurance company. I am trying to see if anyone is looking for an off road-crawler as they are saying it has frame damage and that is why it was...
  18. N

    Did I Buy The Wrong Vehicle

    Hey Everyone, I am a new member and have spent the past few weeks browsing the forum. I've always liked 4runners, but seeing everyone's builds got me really interested in the GX. I had read about all of the problems and was well aware of what to watch out for. Primarily the transfer case leak...
  19. V

    Looking at two options, any advice?

    Hey guys, long time lurker and hopefully a future owner! Just looking for any advice here, recently 2 different GX470's popped up near me. One is a 2006 with 117k miles, clean carfax, two owner. The other is a 2008, clean carfax, one owner, at 75k miles. The 2006 has had all the major...
  20. Stock Lexus GX470

    Stock Lexus GX470

    I want to remember how it looked at the start. Bone stock 2008 Cyprus Perl Lexus GX470.
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