1. E

    Wanted  WTB - Dallas, TX: GX470

    Looking to pick up a GX chassis in the Dallas/North Texas area. Maximum budget 10k, will have cash in hand. Willing to drive out farther for the right car as well. Not concerned about mileage, only want a decent, well-maintained example. Let's see what ya got!
  2. WarB3AR44

    Lower Trim Piece Options??

    Hi all! FINALLY got my lift kit, wheels, and tires done!! After taking off the running boards I was planning on cutting them to retain a clean looking piece for that exposed area behind the wheel well and in front of the door. However the body shop I was at threw the running boards away. Does...
  3. wulffcruiser

    Camber Adjustment and Lower Control arm

    Hello! I added a small spacer lift on my front end and have some positive camber. Took my truck to have my tire/alignment guys take a look. The guy didn’t think that the GX had a camber adjustment. After looking he said the adjustment is at the lower control arm. He was worried that it will be...
  4. OverlandKc

    SOLD  Kansas City: 2003 Toyota 4runner Sport Edition V8 4WD - 272K miles, Southern Vehicle.

    For sale is a 2003 Toyota 4runner Sport Edition, 4.7L V8, 4wd - asking $5500 OBO. It was a southern vehicle until 2019, and has been undercoated before each winter with fluid film, so the frame and body have remained clean. It has 271,5XXK miles currently and is increasing, as it is my daily...
  5. O

    Need Suggestions! 05 GX470 applies brakes when gas is applied.

    Recently replaced wheel bearings and lower control arms now on my 05 GX470. For some reason now if you in any way try to accelerate the vehicle by the gas pedal it come to halt and applies it’s own brakes and if you try to force it to drive it locks up harder and Traction control light pops up...
  6. blackice00

    2006 GX470 w/Sport Package Build - blackice00

    Hello, I'm new to the GXOR world, but not new to building performance vehicles! I was shopping for a 4th Gen V8 4Runner last November to daily drive and occasionally tow my 240SX money-pit I have owned and daily driven since 2007. After having a vehicle sold out from under me and several other...
  7. G

    For Sale  Chicago - 05 Black Onyx GX470 (Non Nav/No KDSS)

    Up for sale is my 05 GX470 Non Nav and No KDSS! I bought it last October for my mom as a winter truck, now that its getting warmer I'm looking to downsize to a sedan for her. Miles: 286,000 Clean Title I bought it from the original owners who kept it in great condition. Body is pretty good...
  8. M

    Ironman bumper fitment issues - gx470

    Ironman bumper questions. 2007 gx470 For those who have mounted it. Please help. What the heck did I do wrong. Or did I get a wrong part. I don’t need to trim the top bumper for the hood latch as it is almost 3in out from it. I’m maxed out on adjustability with the slotted holes and can only...
  9. B

    Multiple Ignition Coil Failures

    Hi Everyone, I recently installed (3-months ago) all new ignition coils on my GX470. In the past 3 months, however, I’ve had 4 of the inviting coils go bad. Cylinder 2 then 7 then 6 then 3. I’m wondering what the heck could be going on here. I replaced the spark plugs at the same time also. No...
  10. OffRte66

    Builds  GXOR or Bust! GX470 w KDSS Build

    Hi All! Figured I'd get going and do a write up of what I've got going on. Stay tuned, more parts are on their way! 2006 GX470 Sport, Nav+KDSS. (I know..I know..Still going to try!) Current Mods: -Metaltech stage 3 rear coil conversion(stock height) -Height control/autoleveling disable...
  11. D

    Wanted  Wanted Socal Lexus GX470 with no rust & low miles

    Hey there! Been in the market for a few months now with a GX470 and cant seem to find the right one. If anyone has any thoughts of selling their GX with some low miles (160k and under) just send me a DM or comment on this and I’ll take a look at it. Must have no rust on it as well! Looking to...
  12. P

    SOLD  SoCal Rancho Cucamonga, CA - 2007 GX470 - 133K miles

    For sale is my 2007 Lexus GX470 with 133K miles. Grey exterior with grey interior leather seats. Clean title, no accidents, 3rd owner. Recently passed smog and registration is good to December 2021. Lots of upgrades and everything works. Some pin stripping on the paint, but overall in very good...
  13. 4runner4life98

    SOLD  2006 GX470 built NorCal

    odometer: 205000 paint color: grey size: mid-size title status: clean transmission: automatic type: SUV Up for sale is my 2006 Lexus GX470 4WD. It has a lot of modifications for off-roading and it drives really smooth. It was a KDSS model but the previous owner removed the KDSS sway bars for...
  14. pearlgx

    Roof Rack upgrade.

    Used the uptop overland roof rack. I love the way it looks and very good quality. The instructions were good but they didn't mark the bars for feet location and alignment. Took a few measurements on roof and that made it easy. Putting it together wasn't bad just tons of bolts and spacers...
  15. DenverFJ40

    SOLD  Charlotte, NC '07 GX 470 $14k

    Hey Everyone, Bought this sweet rig from a fellow mudder a few months ago and it's awesome. However, the wifey and I have decided to move onto a 200 series, yeah not the best timing, but that's how things go sometimes. Just installed sPod, ARB, Snorkle and FrontRunner tail gate last week. Im...
  16. bkfj40

    2006 Blown Head Gasket - What would you do?

    I recently picked up a 2006 GX470 non-nav with a blown head gasket. (radiator hose split and engine must've gotten hot) It could have cracked head, but maybe just a blown head gasket as it is blowing white smoke out the exhaust. I can do a leak down test to help identify the bad bank. I've...
  17. fslful

    My Modern Interior | Lexus GX470 Tesla Screen Wireless Apple Carplay Sergey Kozlov Firmware

    I wrapped my interior with some raw carbon style vinyl and hand stitched a perforated leather cover on my steering wheel to match how modern the Tesla screen looks! Loving the screen and will not be going back to my stock nav unit. If you guys have any questions let me know!
  18. fslful

    My 2003 Lexus GX470 120 series is a Unicorn?

    Just picked my truck up late 2020 from the original owner. Was completely stock and had been garage kept in Houston for the entirety of its life! No rust and an impeccable maintenance record mixed with a $5500 sale price... well I would call this a unicorn! Anyways here’s how she stands after a...
  19. DRExOD

    12v power outlets

    Has anyone utilized both of their 12v outlets at the same time with out any problems? I specifically want to run my fridge (Dometic CFX3) with one outlet and charge my power station (Goal Zero 500x) with the other outlet at the same time. I’ve tried to daisy chain them while driving but the Goal...
  20. paj262

    For Sale  Missouri - SOLD - 2004 Lexus GX470 - 147,000 miles

    The time has come to part ways with a vehicle, we have one too many hanging around the house. After much discussion we have decided to build the wife’s 2013 GX460 and put Hooty up for sale. Hopefully, he goes another caring home. This is a special GX 470. We named it Hooty, it has been very...
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