2002 Tacom 2.7L, 5-Speed, 114,00miles (1 Viewer)

Dec 1, 2008
Winchester, Tennessee
I work day shift, 25 mile drive to work, runs great. Driving home it will run fine. The CEL has been on since I bought it with 95,000 miles.
If I stop on the way home for gas or hardware store, when I start it, it's running rough, CEL is flashing!!!
I have a "Fixd" sensor reader on it, says PO304-Cylinder #4 misfire. Also a PO300-misc. cylinder misfire. I replaced both O2 sensors, disconnected the battery and CEL is off. Drove it at lunch time to dealer to get a air filter, ran perfect. Got in and CEL flashing and rough running! At idle CEL stops flashing.
Been looking on line and there is a long list of possibilities it could be. Fuel filter, fuel pump, Plugs, wires, coil, fuel injectors, MAF. Any ideas or similar issues?

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