2001 with Nav - A/C problem

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Nov 6, 2005
My 2001 LC (90K mi) a/c system will only go from max cool to heat-I can only
adjust the fan speed. The very courteous and seemingly sharp dealer tech
says the problem is in the nav system head unit. I think this may be true
with the only solution being to have them remove the unit and send it in
(to, I suppose, the mfr., Fujitsu 10) for an estimate. Does anyone have any
experience with this issue? Thanks.
Have you done a search yet? I seem to remember a few threads about this in the past...

Good luck, hopefully it will be a reasonable repair bill for you.

My 2002 has the factory nav-- I wish it didn't. With the newer technology & updated info, a modern, higher end Garmin blows its doors off anyway, and I hate that my HVAC & stereo controls run through the nav unit.

I wish there was a way to swap it out for the non-nav factory setup & switches; perhaps there is, but it would require a donor LC and some major labor I suppose. Probably better off leaving it alone & keeping it in working order :meh:

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